What Is The Best SMG In Warzone?

You’ve come to the right place if you’re a Call of Duty fan looking for the finest SMG in Warzone.

What Is The Best SMG In Warzone?

We’ll discuss the finest call of duty warfare SMGs and why they’re so excellent in this post.

On the battlefield, we’ll also give you strategies to utilize them to your advantage.

So, please sit back and let us show you the finest SMGs for Call of Duty: Warzone.

Best SMGs in Call of Duty: Warzone

H4 Blixen

If you’re looking for the best Call of Duty gun that money can buy, then H4 Blixen is definitely worth considering.

It’s a powerful SMG with a fast reload time, which means you’ll be able to keep your enemies at bay quickly.

Plus, its high rate of fire will make short work of any targets in sight.

Marco 5

The Marco 5 is an excellent choice for Call of Duty Warzone players because of its high firing rate and accuracy.

Its low recoil makes it easy to control, while the magazine size ensures you don’t have to reload as often.

Armaguerra 43

The Armaguerra 43 is the best weapon for the Call of Duty Warzone. It offers severe damage and accuracy ratings, making it perfect for taking down opponents quickly.

Its magazine size is also great, allowing you to stay in the fight for more extended periods of time.

Make sure to equip this gun at all times and see how far you can push your boundaries in this exciting game mode!


If you’re looking to engage in some brutal Call of Duty action, then you’ll definitely want to check out our guide on the best SMGs in Warzone.

Whether you are an assault rifle enthusiast or a sniper specialist, there is undoubtedly an SMG that will fit your playstyle.

However, make sure you don’t just pick any old gun – practice with it as often as possible so that when the time comes for real-world combat., you’ll be firing off shots like a pro!


If you’re looking for a lightweight and compact SMG that can handle any situation, Welgun is a perfect choice.

It has an extended magazine that allows you to stay in the fight longer, making it ideal for close-quarter combat.

Plus, its built-in silencer ensures stealthy operations no matter what situation you find yourself in.

Owen Gun

If you’re looking for an SMG that will help you take down your opponents quickly and efficiently, Owen Gun should definitely be on your list.

This well-rounded weapon features severe damage and accuracy, making it ideal for players who want to win in a hurry.


If you’re a fan of the Call of Duty franchise, then you’ll definitely love STEN.

This high-accuracy and fast-firing SMG is perfect for close-quarters combat and provides an edge in any game.

It’s easy to use, making it both fun and efficient – perfect for those who want to come out on top!

Type 100

If you’re looking for an SMG that will help you dominate in Warzone, then Type 100 is the perfect option! It has an extremely high rate of fire and can quickly take down enemies.

Additionally, it is a submachine gun that was added to the game in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

So if you’re a fan of this popular shooter title, Type 100 should definitely be at the top of your list!

OTs 9

If you’re looking for the best assault rifle in Call of Duty: Warzone, then OTs 9 should be your go-to choice.

It is fast reloaded time, and high accuracy make it a lethal weapon in close-quarters combat, while its suppressor makes it difficult for opponents to hear you, making them easier targets.

Milano 821

If you’re looking for an edge in Call of Duty Warzone, a MILANO 821 is the best weapon for the job.

Its fully-automatic fire makes it incredibly deadly and easy to use.

Additionally, its high rate of fire ensures that you will keep your enemies at bay quickly and easily.

Its durability makes it perfect for long-term warfare – meaning that you won’t have to worry about replacing it anytime soon!


The MP40 is an excellent gun for new players of Warzone as it has a high rate of fire and can easily take down enemies.

It’s also easy to reload, making it ideal for short-term engagements.


The Mac-10 is a formidable gun used for close-quarters combat or long-range shots. It fires a high rate of fire and has a large magazine – making it one of the best guns in Warzone!

It’s definitely one of the most popular and iconic SMGs available in the game, so make sure you get your hands on one as soon as possible!


If you’re looking for an all-around weapon that can take down an enemy’s close quarters, then the PPSH-41 is the best Call of Duty Warzone SMG.

With its high rate of fire and built-in silencer, this gun will make short work of any opponent.

Additionally, it’s an excellent choice for stealth missions as the silenced mode makes it difficult to be detected.

So if you need the best call of duty warzone SMG available, look no further than PPSH-41!


Bullfrog is a modern assault rifle that offers excellent accuracy and range. It is perfect for close-quarters combat and can quickly take out multiple enemies at once.

The gun also comes with a grenade launcher that can make short work of larger groups of opponents.


And that concludes today’s short but detailed article that covers just a select few of the best SMGs Call of Duty Warzone has to offer.

Finding the perfect weapon of choice is a case of trial and error until you find that perfect fitting weapon to catapult your score higher than ever.

Ashley Newby