What Is The Best Stasis Fragment In Destiny 2?

If you are looking for the best stasis fragment for your characters, then you are in the right place.

This article will outline everything that you need to know about the Stasis Fragment that is available within Destiny 2.

What Is The Best Stasis Fragment In Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 is an incredibly popular and well-known shooter video game that has been created by Bungie. Bungie is most well known for its Halo franchise.

Within their destiny 2 game, you will be able to customize the look of your guardians while playing with different fragments and aspects.

Bungie is also continuously adding newer aspects like new Stasis Fragments that are included with each update.

For instance, in the Stasis 3.0 update, Bungie has entirely transformed the Stasis subclass which is the main piece for any void build

In regard to the Stasis 3.0 update, there are fourteen different fragments that are available.

If you are looking to make a strong Stasis build for any of your characters, then you should use one of these updated fragments in your builds.

These stasis fragments have the right aspects that ensure that your loadout plan is far smoother and easier.

What Is The Best Stasis Fragment In The Current Meta?

When playing Destiny 2, there are a number of things that you will need to consider prior to ascertaining which Stasis Fragment is the best of any given build.

Which fragment you choose is dependent on the aspects of your build alongside numerous other factors that may alter and change the overall effect of your stasis fragments.

As there are numerous options to consider, it can often be difficult for a beginner to make a decision in regard to which stasis fragments they should choose.

However, this article will help you during this process and I have outlined all of the Stasis Fragments in order ranging from the best to the worst.

Therefore, this list should inherently make it far easier for you to determine which stasis fragment is best suited for you and your characters. 

1. Whisper Of Torment

You obtain an abundance of grenade energy every single time that you take damage from any targets.

This is one of the best stasis fragments as it will help to regenerate your grenade at a much faster pace. These grenades are essential as stasis grenades are perfect for freezing a target.

Thus, if anything can help you during this process, then you should use it for your builds.

2. Whisper Of Shards

Whenever you shatter a stasis crystal, you will temporarily boost the overall recharge rate of your grenade.

If you then manage to shatter additional stasis crystals, you will inherently enhance the duration of this benefit as well as add +10 resilience.

It is important to note that stasis grenades are the best weapon for freezing your enemy in position, and if anything helps you to boost and regenerate your grenade ability faster, then this truly is the best stasis fragment.

3. Whisper Of Rending

Kinetic weapons drastically increase damage to frozen targets and stasis crystals. Thus, this fragment is perfect if you have a strong kinetic weapon.

Both of these can be paired in your loadout, and they will certainly cause an abundance of extra damage to your enemies.

4. Whisper Of Refraction

Defeating a frozen target will grant you more class ability energy.

Thus, you will be able to throw your grenade and use your melee ability to freeze your targets before killing them instantly in order to regain your class ability at a far quicker pace.

5. Whisper Of Rime

5. Whisper Of Rime

Whenever you collect a stasis shard, you will grant a small amount of overshield which inherently falls off after a period of 10 seconds.

Whenever you collect more shards, you will add to the overshield and refresh the timer also.

Shield within Destiny 2 is perfect, especially when in PvP mode. Thus, you should use this stasis fragment in order to obtain a small amount of overshield each time that you collect a stasis shard.

6. Whisper Of Impetus

Whenever you damage your target using a stasis melee, your stowed weapons will reload and you will also be granted a temporary boost to your weapon speed.

Thus, if you are reloading your weapon while using this fragment, you will be able to throw your melee ability and it will automatically reload the weapon, saving you an abundance of time in the process.

7. Whisper Of Hunger

Melee energy is increased by picking up stasis shards that have -10 Mobility and -10 Recovery.

If you are using an ability that requires 100% uptime when harnessing your melee ability, then this fragment is the perfect option for you and your build.

8. Whisper Of Hedrons

This stasis drastically increases the overall stability of your weapon, as well as assisting your weapon aim, resilience, mobility, and recovery after you have frozen a target using stasis.

However, it reduces your strength by -10. Despite this setback, you can use any mediocre weapon with this stasis and it will begin to perform brilliantly.

9. Whisper Of Fissures

This stasis enhances the damage and size of the burst whenever you destroy any stasis crystal or defeat a target that you have frozen.

If you choose to use this fragment, your stasis ability will atomically contain more AoE and you will inflict an increased amount of damage whenever you are killing a frozen target, or alternatively, destroying a stasis crystal.

10. Whisper Of Fractures

10. Whisper Of Fractures

Your melee energy will recharge far quicker whenever you are near more than two combatants. Unfortunately, this stasis reduces your discipline by -10.

However, you will get your melee back far quicker if you are encountering more than two nearby enemies. This makes this fragment the ideal option for PvE activities.

Whether or not reducing your discipline by -10 is worth the sacrifice or not, is up to you to discern. But it is definitely something that you should keep in mind when using this stasis fragment.

11. Whisper Of Durance

This stasis fragment ensures that any slows from your abilities will last for a longer period of time. For those abilities that do linger, the duration of this lingering will also drastically increase.

It is also important to note that this stasis increases your strength by +10.

Thus, whenever you slow enemies using these abilities, this ‘slow’ will last for a far longer period of time if you are using this fragment.

In addition to this benefit, if you decide that you want to use a grenade that has been planted for your enemies, then these grenades will also last far longer on the ground than they would have done.

12. Whisper Of Conduction

Having nearby stasis shards will enable you to track your position while adding +10 intellect and resilience.

If there are any stasis shards that are situated near your allies, they will track you down and help you to deal damage to any enemies that are located nearby.

13. Whisper Of Chains

Whenever you are located near frozen targets or a stasis crystal, you will not absorb as much damage from your targets.

The same rule applies whenever you or your allies use their stasis ability to freeze your targets. You will also take far less damage when targeted by your enemies.

14. Whisper Of Bonds

Whenever you defeat a frozen target, you will be granted with super energy when using this stasis. However, it does reduce your intellect and discipline by -10.

This is the only negative part of using this stasis as killing your enemies inherently regenerates your super energy whenever you are using this fragment which helps you to return to being super more quickly.


To conclude, the type of stasis fragment that you should use in Destiny 2.0 depends on what you are aiming to achieve and how you wish to destroy your enemies in the process.

If you are looking to freeze your enemies and maximize the bonuses that you receive from killing them thereafter, then you should consider using stasis fragments that I have outlined earlier in this article.

However, if you are looking to track your position by using stasis fragments, leave grenades for a longer period of time, or ensure that you are recharged with super energy, then you should consider looking into the stasis fragments that I have outlined towards the end of this article.

It is important to note that many of these stasis fragments will also ensure that you do not receive as much damage from your enemy’s fire.

While these stasis fragments are renowned for destroying crystals and your enemies themselves, they can also protect you from receiving the maximum amount of impact when you are being fired at.

Thus, locating the best stasis fragments is essential in order to become a brilliant player of this game.

The type of fragments that you should use depends on your style of play also as some of these stasis fragments are best suited to PvP play while others are suitable for PvE play.

If you are still unsure about which stasis fragment to use, then there are numerous blogs online that outline their most preferred stasis fragments and the reasons why they choose to use these.

However, the benefits of using stasis fragments of any kind far outweighs the negatives involved in losing some level of resilience or discipline along the way.

I hope that you have found this article to be insightful and informative.

Thank you for reading.

Ashley Newby