What’s The Best Automaton Loadout In Call Of Duty: Warzone Season 5 Last Stand Reloaded?

One of the most fun things about any Call of Duty game is getting to explore all of the different weapons that you are able to use in the game.

However, when it comes to playing Call of Duty: Warzone, winning is the only thing that will be on your mind, which is why it is so vital to pick the right weapon for your loadouts when you drop into the map. 

What's The Best Automaton Loadout In Call Of Duty: Warzone Season 5 Last Stand Reloaded?

One of the more popular assault rifles in the Warzone meta right now is the Automaton, and for a good reason, this versatile rifle is a reliable and efficient option thanks to its high rate of fire and low recoil. 

So, if the Automaton has tempted you in the past but were previously unsure of what sort of loadout you would need, then allow us to show you the best Automaton loadout in Call of Duty: Warzone Season 5 Last Stand Reloaded.

Unlocking The Automaton In Call Of Duty: Warzone

The Automaton was added to Call of Duty: Warzone with the integration of Vanguard’s weapon pool into the game.

If you’re looking to use this rifle in your loadouts, you’ll first need to reach level 8 before you can unlock it, but as any player knows, reaching this level is usually achievable after playing just a few Warzone matches, so you shouldn’t really have to wait long before you can access it. 

If you’re wondering what the fastest way to gain XP is in order to reach level 8 and unlock the Automaton is, then our tip is just to spend as much time in-game as possible, the more you’re in-game, then the more XP you’re able to earn.

You can also try to complete all of the daily and weekly challenges in order to gain extra XP too, which should allow you to reach level 8 much quicker than you usually would. 

Once you’ve unlocked it, it’s time to get leveling up the Automaton, so you can access the various attachments needed to help create this monster class in Call of Duty: Warzone! 

Best Loadout For The Automaton In Call Of Duty: Warzone

Now that you have your Automaton at the maximum level, it’s time to take a look at what the best options are for your gun.

This loadout is just our suggestion, and if you don’t feel like it is working for you, then you can always make your own personal changes to help you create a loadout that is going to help you dominate a match and one that you also enjoy using.

So, let’s take a look at our recommendations for the ideal Automaton loadout in Call of Duty: Warzone. 

  • Muzzle – MX Silencer: Performing similarly to the Monolithic Suppressor that was a fan favorite in Modern Warfare, the MX Silencer is considered an essential attachment by many in the Warzone meta community thanks to it helping to increase the damage range of your weapon whilst also reducing the amount of noise your gun makes whilst firing. 
  • Barrel – Anastasia Sniper: For a gun with a high rate of fire, the most important thing is making sure that all of the bullets lands on target, which is why opting for the Anastasia Sniper barrel is such a good choice. It helps to increase the bullet velocity, range, and accuracy of the Automaton, which will help you to drop your enemies with ease.
  • Optic – M38/Slate 2.5x Custom: Another way to help ensure that your accuracy with the Automaton is maximized, selecting the Slate 2.5x Custom Optic is the best way to help ensure precision whilst firing, whilst also helping to increase the recoil control, this is in exchange for an increase in the time it takes to aim down sight, however. 
  • Stock – ZAC Skeletal: Since you’re mainly going to be aiming down the sight with the Automaton, using a stock like the ZAC Skeletal will help you greatly by allowing you to strafe faster whilst aiming down sight, which means you should have increased mobility when aiming, allowing you to move between targets rapidly. 
  • Underbarrel – M1941 Hand Stop: Another great way to help reduce the recoil on the Automaton is through the addition of the M1941 Hand Stop, which will aid in nullifying the little recoil the Automaton has already. 
  • Magazine – 6.5mm Sakura 75 Round Drum: One of the problems that people tend to complain about the most in regards to the Automaton is the magazine capacity, especially since it has such a high rate of fire. However, by equipping the 75-Round Drum Magazine, you’ll have no issues with the amount of ammunition you’ll have to unload on your enemies. 
  • Ammo Type – Lengthened: Anyone who knows anything about the Warzone meta knows that Lengthened ammunition is the way to go, providing you with that extra edge thanks to its increased velocity!
  • Rear Grip – Polymer Grip: Every second counts when it comes to engaging in a gunfight in Warzone, which is why the Polymer Grip has been added, as it helps to decrease the time it takes to aim down sight so that you can get your sights on your enemies before they even know you’re there. 
  • Perk 1 – Tight Grip: The perfect choice of perk for the Automaton thanks to it increasing the accuracy and recoil control of your weapon when continuously firing. 
  • Perk 2 – Fully Loaded: Another way of combating the issue of running out of ammo using the Automaton is to equip the Fully Loaded perk, which means you’ll receive your loadout with the maximum amount of ammunition right from the start, so you don’t have to worry about conserving rounds when trying to engage in a gunfight. 

This loadout so far should provide you with the perfect balance, and will help to control the recoil caused by the Automaton’s high rate of fire, which essentially means it’s a laser beam when it comes to gunfights, it also ensures that you’ll have plenty of ammunition too, which is one of the major complaints about using the Automaton.

Best Perks For Automaton Loadout In Call Of Duty: Warzone

  • Perk 1 – Quick Fix/E.O.D: Since the Automaton is such a great weapon for those looking to be aggressive and continually get into gunfights, Quick Fix is an absolute must, as it allows you to begin regenerating your health when you get a kill. However, you could also go with E.O.D, which allows you to receive less damage from non-killstreak explosions, which is great for those who like to get aggressive. 
  • Perk 2 – Overkill: Overkill is another necessity, as it allows you to make your loadout even more versatile, with the ability to add a secondary primary to your loadout, you can either decide to make your loadout suited to close-range action, or add a sniper to help deal with enemies at range, we’ll explore these options more further down though. 
  • Perk 3 – Amped/Combat Scout: Since we’re going to be running with two primary weapons, Amped is the best perk to go for since it allows you to swap between your two weapons faster, although Combat Scout is also a great option, as it displays where the enemy team is on your minimap when you hit one of them. 

Best Equipment For Automaton Loadout In Call Of Duty: Warzone

  • Secondary – Owen Gun/Kar98k: The secondary you decide to go for depends entirely on whether you want close-range or long-range cover. Because although the Automaton is excellent for mid-range gunfights, it will likely get outclassed if you’re up close with the enemy, or trying to take someone down further away.
  • Tactical – Stim/Heartbeat Sensor: Health regeneration with the Stim is a massive bonus, although some people may prefer the tactical advantage provided with the Heartbeat Sensor, which allows you to see where nearby enemies are in your vicinity. 
  • Lethal – Throwing Knives/Claymore: The choice between Throwing Knives and Claymores is a difficult one. Throwing Knives are excellent as a rapid backup in close-quarters gunfights, and can even be used to finish off downed players in one hit. But, Claymores are also a great choice if you like to occupy one area for a long period of time, and are also a great form of protection if you want to hide in a room to heal up before fighting again. 


So, if you’re looking for one of the best loadouts that makes use of the super-fast firing Automaton, then this loadout is certainly going to be the one you want to go for.

By minimizing its recoil and covering its close/long-range weakness, you should have no problem dominating your opponents with this Warzone loadout!

We hope you find this Warzone loadout guide helpful and thank you for reading!

Ashley Newby