Who Is The Best Character In Super Smash Bros?

Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. is a crossover fighting game featuring all your favorite Nintendo franchise characters.

However, the question is: which character is the best?

Who Is The Best Character In Super Smash Bros?

While you could determine this by looking at the characters who have won the most competitive tournaments and figure it out from there, we believe there’s more to it!

In this article, we’ll be exploring special features that each character brings to the game, their signature move performance, and the most important factor: how fun each character is to play. 


Fox is among one of the best, if not the best, character in the whole Smash Brothers franchise- there was even a meme made out of it!

Within all the Super Smash Bros (see also ‘How Many Characters Are In Super Smash Bros Ultimate?‘). games, Fox has never relinquished his grip from the top tiers.

With only one exception, being Brawl, he deserves the position of at least A Tier or even higher, which is evidence of how strong a character Fox was, even from the beginning. 

Fox has a unique combination of power, speed, and weightiness, along with the advantages of his reflector and blaster, making him a force to be reckoned with and if you’re asking us, the best character in Super Smash Bros (see also ‘How To Play Super-Smash Bro’s’).


There was once a time when Nintendo’s Fire Emblem franchise was pretty much unheard of in the American gaming industry; however, this all changed when Marsh was introduced in Melee. 

The master swordsman wowed the nation with his powerful sword and agile movements that brought in all the rewards.

In every Super Smash Bros. installment, Marth has consistently remained in the top positions.

Making him one of the best characters for players of all levels to use. 

Not to forget that his popularity paved the way for a host of Fire Emblem characters to be introduced into the game alongside him. 

Captain Falcon

While F-Zero may not be the most popular franchise in the world of Nintendo, there is no doubt that Captain Falcon’s bombastic Falcon Punch has become a classic. Since its debut back in 64, the attack has gotten better and better over time. 

Captain Falcon himself is a considerable opponent, the epitome of a high-risk, high-reward character, who can unleash catastrophically dangerous attacks at incredible speeds, well; only if you manage to make a direct hit in time. 


Sheik and Zelda used to come as a two-for-one package, although while having two unique characters that could transform into one another made for a neat mechanic, it was clear that the star of the show was Sheik. 

A juggle-heavy combo game, lightning-fast attacks, and among the highest skilled characters in the Smash Bro. history has presented Sheik with a comfortable seat in the high tiers of the game. 

Although, beyond this, Sheik remains one of the most fun characters to play. Sheik is an aggressive, rush-down speed demon that slaps fear into her enemy’s eyes with a bombardment of rushing air. 


There is no doubting the impressiveness the pink puffball has made on the gaming industry, if he’s a favorite for Sakurai, he’s a favorite for us!

Being a central character in both World of Light and Subspace Emissary, Kirby remains a mighty force to be reckoned with. 

His overpowered floating abilities make him hard to KO since he’ll float in and out of the fray, making him a powerful force in his own right.

On top of this, he supports a range of quick and shockingly strong attacks, holding his own against those three or four times the size of him. 

Likewise, he supports one of the most impressionable moves in the franchise: Inhale.

This allows Kirby to gobble up his opponents, absorbing their powers to use against them while wearing a cute version of their outfits. 

While Kirby may look cute, you don’t want to get on his bad side!


Mario tends to be the all-rounded character in whatever game he features in, and while this remains the fact in Super Smash Bros. Here, he has so much more to prove. 

He sports a veritable utility belt that is composed of all the tools at his disposal, from Meteor Smash to Projectile to Reflect, as well as an interesting… water gun. 

On top of this, he also delivers impressive smash attacks, some great throws, solid normals, and an impressive aerial game; the only place he falters is in his horizontal comeback and range. 

In the whole game, Mario remains one of the most honest characters and there’s something unambiguously charming about it. 



Pokemon holds some of the most formidable characters in the whole Nintendo universe, and the world-famous Pikachu is among the greatest. Since the very beginning, the electric mouse has been a crowd favorite. 

His powerful agility that was highlighted in the cartoon brought him countless wins, this doesn’t go unnoticed in the game, either.

It’s the same hard-to-predict, erratic movements that allow him to outsmart his enemies in Super Smash. 

His Quick Attack moves provide Pikachu with outstanding maneuverability and recovery, whereas his famous Thunder attack makes him powerful in even a beginner’s hand. When his moves are used masterfully together, he becomes a formidable opponent.

Diddy Kong

If you think of Diddy Kong as simply Donkey Kong’s small, furry sidekick then you couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, he makes for one of the most competitive characters featured in the game. 

He’s among few characters who can bring an item into the area, and in this case a banana, giving him a slippery edge over his enemies, ensuring easy KO set-ups and full control of the field.  

Final Thoughts

There we have it! We have highlighted all the best characters in Super Smash Bros.

From Kirby to Pikachu to Fox, if you’re looking to gain a one-up among your friends, then you’re in the right place to do so.

Ashley Newby