Why Esports In School Is A Good Thing – Top 5 Reasons

Why Esports In School Is A Good Thing - Top 5 Reasons

Esports is an industry which is popular across the globe. It is something which tests the ability of a gamer as well as being plenty of fun for everyone involved.

But is this type of sport suitable for schools? Or does it stray too far away from education?

What Is Esports?

Esports are video games that have been adapted to be played competitively, and they can either be played online or offline.

The most common types of esports include: League of Legends, Counter-Strike, Overwatch, Dota 2, Starcraft 2 and Fortnight.

These games are usually played on consoles such as Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC.

What’s more is that esports is commonly a team effort so allows like minded gamers to come together to beat a gaming objective.

Pros And Cons Of Esports

Before looking into whether esports is appropriate in a school setting, it is necessary to first highlight both the positives and the negatives.

Even though there is plenty good to say about esports, this is still not for everyone. We will be examining this more below.


Fun To Play with Friends

The first pro is that esports allows you to to play with your friends whilst you compete against other teams.

This means that you’ll always have someone to play with and will never be alone when you’re trying to win a game.

It also means that a person may benefit from creating new friends due to having this shared interest, brilliant for socialising.

Can Make A Living

Another benefit of playing esports is that you can earn money by winning tournaments. Whilst this is not the standard for everyone, it is possible to work hard enough to be an esports player on a professional level.

You can also make money if you start your own esports team. There are many different ways that people can make money through esports including: sponsorship deals, streaming, merchandise sales and even gambling.

Improves Mental Health

A third pro of esports is that it helps improve mental health. Playing these games can help reduce stress levels and anxiety.

In fact, some studies have shown that playing video games can actually be beneficial for those who suffer from depression.

Learning Skills

A fourth pro of esports is that they teach skills that are useful in everyday life. For example, players need to be able to multitask effectively and use their time efficiently.

They must also learn how to communicate effectively and cooperate with others. All of these skills are important in real life 


Not Everyone Is Learning

One downside to playing esports is that not everyone learns anything through esports because all some do is watch others playing.

Esports is mainly for entertainment purposes and the aim is not always to learn new skills but simply to have fun playing and watching.

Games Will Not Always Be Enjoyable

Secondly, you might not enjoy the games that you play. When it comes to playing these games on a competitive level, the fun can sometimes go away.

The player will only be set on winning, completely taking away the fun that gaming is supposed to promote.


It is very easy for a gamer to end up getting addicted to esports. Esports is not only about playing games with friends but is about competing, and this in turn can create a big addiction.

A person will become addicted to practising meaning they will always be in front of the screen. They will also find it hard when they lose and this can create further stress. 

Is Esports Suitable For Schools?

Now comes the question, “is esports suitable for schools?”

This question has no straight answer and this is because there is plenty that needs to be considered. Only after these considerations will an answer be found.

Some things to consider include:

  • The amount of time spent playing – you don’t want it to be a distraction
  • Whether or not the student has any experience at all. Will they be interested?
  • What kind of games will students be playing? Is this age/school appropriate?
  • What the student’s parents think about it
  • How much time the student spends on the internet

Top 5 Reasons You Should Involve Esports In Schools

With all of these considerations, is esports in schools a good thing? Yes, and here are the top 5 reasons why:

It Can Help Improve Student Engagement

When students are involved in something that they enjoy doing, then they will be more engaged with what they are learning.

If students are engaging with the subject matter then they will be more likely to remember what they learnt as opposed to if they were just sitting in class listening to a teacher talk.

It Can Help Students Learn New Skills

When students engage in activities that require them to apply themselves to a task, then they will be better equipped to deal with problems and challenges in other areas of their lives.

It Can Help Students Develop Social Skills

Playing video games requires communication between people so it helps develop social skills. This is especially prominent in esports as this type of gaming requires a team effort.

It Can Help Students Be Better Team Players

When students are given tasks that they cannot complete alone, then they will be forced to work together and rely on each other.

This will help them become better working in a team as well as teaching them the importance of listening to and learning from peers.

It Can Help Students Build Confidence

Students who play video games often feel like they have some sort of advantage over others. They may even believe that they could beat anyone else at anything.

This makes them feel confident and this confidence can transfer into other aspects of life.

Final Thoughts

Esports is a great gaming sport to introduce to schools for it allows students to work as a team, build confidence, keep them engaged and most importantly have fun.

If you are considering introducing esports to your skill, don’t hesitate to give it a try.

Ashley Newby