About Us

Esports have never received the best reputation in my mind - I think that many people still feel as though they are mere video games that are a waste of time. This idea is putting a negative spin on the industry, and as a result many people aren’t getting excited about esports like they used to. 

My name is Ashley Newby and I want to put integrity back into esports and get the hype surrounding them paramount once more. During my teenage years, I happened to stumble across a Street Fighter tournament online and I was hooked. 

From that day, I have kept up with and watched many tournaments including Valorant, Super Smash Bros, and League of Legends. I even got to compete in my first one earlier this year! 

Esports are not bad for you and they shouldn’t be treated as such, as it’s creating a stigma around the industry. Just like people enjoy watching and playing football, esports is a healthy competitive hobby that many people would enjoy if they knew what it was and weren’t worried about the backlash from their peers. 

To try and combat some of this stigma and get people excited about esports again, I created this website where I will be sharing things such as strategies, competitive statistics, and esports FAQs with you all. 

I would love to think that my website has helped more people find their love of esports and even give them the courage to compete in a tournament of their own! Who knows, maybe I’ll see you on the playing field sometime? 

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