Complete Tales of Arise: Mysterious Pair Quest

In the expansive and enthralling world of Tales of Arise, adventurers are not only compelled by the overarching narrative but also by a plethora of side-quests that enrich their journey with challenging encounters and valuable rewards. One such side endeavor is the ‘Mysterious Pair’ quest, a peculiar mission that can be stumbled upon in the picturesque settlement of Viscint, nestled within the luscious Menancia region. Embarking on this quest involves players engaging with two intriguing NPC characters, Tigrina and Drash, whose request for assistance sets the stage for a riveting artifact hunt. This quest not only promises to be a test of one’s combat mettle and exploratory prowess but also offers a unique peek into the hidden corners of Tales of Arise’s vast and vibrant world.

Locating the Quest

Unlocking the Adventure of the Mysterious Pair in Tales of Arise

Are you a veteran of the stunning world of Dahna, exploring every nook and cranny, battling fearsome foes, and passionately hunting for every quest Tales of Arise has to offer? If so, you’re in for a treat with the side quest titled “The Mysterious Pair.” This side quest is intriguing, with unique rewards that surely beckon the curiosity of every seasoned adventurer. Here’s a quick guide to finding and initiating this enticing mission.

Location of the Quest:

The Mysterious Pair quest is situated within the tranquil realm of Menancia, specifically in the Overseer Hill area. This quest is a fascinating nugget of content that the developers placed with intention, designed to entertain and challenge those who crave a deeper engagement with the game’s lore and mechanics.

Unlocking the Quest:

To access this quest, you must have reached a particular point in the main storyline. The quest becomes available once the party has influenced events in Menancia enough to warrant a celebration. This typically occurs after completing certain pivotal story beats that shift the balance within the realm and set the stage for additional endeavors.

Initiating the Quest:

Initiating the Mysterious Pair quest requires a dash of exploration. Wander the festive streets of Overseer Hill, and keep an eagle eye out for two enigmatic figures: a woman named Tigrina and her counterpart, Nadal. This peculiar duo can be found on the outskirts of the area, and they exude a sense of mystery that’s hard to miss among the townsfolk.

Commencing the Quest:

Upon locating the pair, a conversation is in order. Approach with an open mind and readiness for whatever twist this tale may present. Engage with them, and they’ll spin a yarn that marks the beginning of your new quest.

To the Point:

Once Tigrina and Nadal have laid out their story, their quest – The Mysterious Pair – will grace your quest log, inviting you to delve into its depths. Accept their challenge, embark on this quest, and unravel the rewards and secrets it holds. May this guide help you swiftly find your way to new adventures and the satisfaction of a quest well played in the enthralling journey that Tales of Arise offers every eager hobbyist gamer.

Image of Tigrina and Nadal, the enigmatic figures from the Mysterious Pair quest, standing on the outskirts of Overseer Hill in the Menancia realm.

Collecting the Artifacts

As one delves into the quest bestowed by Tigrina and Nadal, several artifacts stand prominently as the keystones of The Mysterious Pair quest. These artifacts, unique in their nature, are scattered across the sprawling landscapes of Dahna and it’s up to an intrepid adventurer to locate and gather them.

The first artifact on the list is the Suncrest Tree Blossom. This delicate object can be found in the tranquil domain of Autelina Palace. Search for this blossom atop the Great Tree Terrace, where verdant foliage dances with the wind. Be vigilant, as the blossom is known to bloom in resplendent beauty, easily overlooked by the untrained eye.

Next, the quest requires the Star Fragment. This celestial piece is hidden in the depths of the Razum Quarry. Within these dusty, echoing chambers, seek out a secluded corner where the earth’s whispers gift miners with treasures. The fragment you’re after has bathed in the light of a thousand stars and carries with it the tranquility of the moon’s embrace.

Adding to the collection, one needs to secure the Eagle’s Flight Feather. Look towards the Freedom Winds of Mahag Saar, where majestic eagles soar against the backdrop of ceaseless skies. It’s a test of patience to find a feather shed upon the bluffs at Galepeak Hill. Here, among the rocky crags, the wind’s melody might just carry a whispered clue to the exact resting place of the feather.

Finally, the Earth Seed is the last piece of the intricate puzzle. This item is discreetly nestled in the sacred grounds of the Forest of the Holy Spirit. Tread softly and with respect through this hushed and lush underworld, paying homage to the spirits that guard it. Amongst the oldest of the trees, look for the glimmers of life in the soil where the Earth Seed slumbers, waiting to be awoken.

Those intrigued by the tale of The Mysterious Pair will find these artifacts are more than mere trinkets. They are echoes of Dahna’s rich history and culture, symbolizing the bond between humanity and the world they inhabit. It is the allure of these connections that speckles the landscape with the magic of discovery for every aspiring quest seeker.

Artifacts depicted as beautiful treasures within an ancient forest

Quest Conclusion

Once the initial conversation with Tigrina and Nadal is out of the way, you’re set to start collecting the required items for The Mysterious Pair quest. Let’s help these two complete their research by gathering what they need.

First things first, we’ll need a Suncrest Tree Blossom. Now, these aren’t just lying around waiting to be picked up. You’ll find this rare blossom on top of Autelina Palace. Head there, take a moment to admire the Great Tree Terrace’s view, and grab the Suncrest Tree Blossom.

Hang onto your hats because next up is the Star Fragment! For this piece of stardust, you need to trek to Razum Quarry. Keep your eyes peeled for a shining object within the quarry. It may take some searching, but once you spot the twinkle, you’ve found your Star Fragment.

The third item on the list is the Eagle’s Flight Feather. Spread your wings towards the Freedom Winds of Mahag Saar and make your way to Galepeak Hill. Looking for a feather might seem like looking for a needle in a haystack, but high places like this are perfect for finding sheds from our feathery friends soaring through the sky.

Last but not least, you need to get your hands on an Earth Seed. The verdant Forest of the Holy Spirit will be your best bet. The Earth Seed is elusive, symbolizing the quintessence of the land of Dahna itself. Searching around the roots of the massive trees can often produce the best results. Keep an eye out for the subtle glow amidst the undergrowth; that’s where Earth Seeds like to hide.

Collecting these items isn’t just about ticking boxes. Each one represents an element of Dahna’s rich history and culture and symbolizes humanity’s deep bond with the world. As you journey to each destination and find these items, consider the significance the lands hold, and the stories they could tell.

With all the items in your possession, it is time to return to Tigrina and Nadal at Overseer Hill. They’ve been patiently waiting for your triumphant return. Hand over the fruits of your adventure – the Suncrest Tree Blossom, the Star Fragment, the Eagle’s Flight Feather, and the Earth Seed – and watch as they marvel at your success.

Completing The Mysterious Pair quest not only adds to your own understanding of the world but also helps these two scholars finish their research. You’ve played a part in bridging the gaps in the collective memory of Dahna, bringing a greater appreciation for the land and its significance to its inhabitants. Congratulations, your quest is complete!

Image depicting a sunset over a mystical landscape with ancient ruins towering over a forested valley

With the last artifact securely in tow, the journey that began in the tranquil town of Viscint reaches its culmination as adventurers traverse back to deliver their findings to Tigrina and Drash. The ‘Mysterious Pair’ quest epitomizes the depth and engagement of side missions in Tales of Arise, offering a rewarding challenge beyond the main narrative’s path. By collecting these storied relics, players not only unravel the tale entwined with these enigmatic characters but also reap the rich rewards reflective of their enduring commitment to exploring the nooks and crannies of this beautifully crafted RPG world.

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