Every Slam, Every Hold: Inside WWE 2K22’s Exciting Game Modes

Dive into the electrifying world of professional wrestling with WWE 2K22, the latest installment in the renowned sports entertainment video game series. Whether you’re a seasoned fan eager for in-ring action or new to the universe of suplexes and body slams, WWE 2K22 caters to all with its diverse range of game modes. Strap on your boots and get ready to experience the spectacle of wrestling through the intensely competitive Play Mode. Here, you can instantly join the fray, battling it out across a variety of match types that promise endless excitement. With every encounter, you’ll learn the ropes and perfect your craft, embracing the thrilling challenge of becoming your favorite WWE Superstar.

Play Mode

Looking to immerse yourself in the grandeur of classic WWE? You’re in for a bodyslamming good time! Whether you’re gearing up to relive the golden days of Hulkamania or the Attitude Era’s raucous crowds, this treasure trove of wrestling history is as thrilling to explore now as it was when these giants first stepped into the ring.

  • Start Your Journey at the Hall of Fame: There’s no better way to get acquainted with the legends of the past than by exploring the WWE Hall of Fame. Discover the superstars who paved the way for modern wrestling, from Andre the Giant to the iconic Macho Man Randy Savage. It’s like walking through a museum where every exhibit can perform a perfect piledriver.
  • Tune into the Classics: With streaming services at your fingertips, revisiting the classic match-ups is easier than ever. WWE Network is a virtual time machine that lets you witness the spectacle of WrestleMania III or the drama of The Monday Night Wars. Watch the Undertaker’s streak grow or Stone Cold’s rise to fame unfold match by match.
  • Understand the Eras: Wrestling has evolved through distinct periods, each with its unique flavor. Know your Golden Era from your New Generation and Attitude Eras. Each period brings different styles, stars, and storytelling to the fold, shaping what WWE has become today.
  • The Art of the Promo: Classic WWE isn’t just about the physical showdowns but also the war of words. Legends like Ric Flair and The Rock didn’t just electrify with moves but with their charismatic promos. Study their rhetoric and delivery; these are the masterclasses in how to command an audience’s attention.
  • Dive into the Documentaries: Behind-the-scenes looks and documentaries give you a peek behind the curtain. From “The Last Ride” chronicling The Undertaker’s farewell to “The Rise and Fall of ECW,” these films provide context and depth to the on-screen action, enriching your understanding of the industry.
  • Collect Memorabilia: There’s a whole world of WWE collectibles out there, from action figures to championship belts. Each piece tells a story and connects you to wrestling history. Join forums and communities to learn about the rarest finds and how to spot authentic items.
  • Play the Classics: Retro video games are a fun way to engage with the sport’s history. Games like ‘WWF No Mercy’ for the Nintendo 64 remain fan favorites for their gameplay and nostalgia. Fire up the console and step into the digital ring.
  • Engage with the Community: Joining wrestling forums and fan groups isn’t just a way to share knowledge—it’s where you find your wrestling family. These communities are the lifeblood of the hobby, offering passionate debates, shared memories, and a sense of belonging.
  • Attend a Live Show: There’s nothing like experiencing WWE live. Keep an eye out for vintage wrestling events or conventions where legends make appearances. Feel the excitement firsthand and maybe even meet your childhood heroes.
  • Create Your Own Matches: Lastly, why not set up your ring and figurines, and create fantasy match-ups? It’s a great way to bring friends or kids into the hobby or just have a fun afternoon. Who would win between Bret “The Hitman” Hart and Shawn Michaels in their prime? You decide!

Embark on this journey through the thrills of classic WWE, and you’ll not only enjoy a spectacle of athleticism and drama but also join a community that celebrates the larger-than-life stories of the ring. There’s a whole legacy of flying elbows and championship belts—indulge in the glory days and keep the spirit of classic WWE alive!

Two wrestlers locked in a battle, showcasing the intensity and excitement of classic WWE.


Diving into the physical and mental training regimes that make great WWE Superstars is arguably one of the most crucial steps on the road to wrestling notoriety. Embracing the wrestlers’ workout is not just about lifting weights and building muscle; it’s about developing the stamina, agility, and cardiovascular strength that allow these athletes to put on a captivating show night after night.

Wrestling schools are the seminaries for future WWE talent, where novices are chiseled into ring-ready performers. Select a reputable wrestling school with a track record of producing successful talent. Keep an ear to the ground for industry recommendations, and don’t be afraid to invest in quality training.

Understanding the business aspect of WWE is also vital. Learning how storylines are crafted and recognizing the importance of branding and marketability can be powerful tools in a Superstar’s arsenal. Those who learn to navigate the business side are often the ones who make it to the top and stay there.

Learning the lingo of the sport can help you talk the talk. Terms such as “face” (good guy), “heel” (bad guy), “gimmick” (a character’s persona or theme), and “kayfabe” (the portrayal of staged events as real) are the language of wrestling, crucial for anyone seriously contemplating stepping into the ring.

Networking with local and indie wrestlers, as well as promoters, can open doors. Many WWE professionals started in smaller, local circuits, gaining experience and garnering fan bases before being picked up by major promotions.

Last but not least, confidence and the ability to sell oneself cannot be overstated. A WWE Superstar must captivate audiences, conveying charisma that shines through the screen and across the stadium. Working on public speaking, taking acting classes, or even improv workshops can hone the kind of magnetic character that fans adore and the industry rewards.

In essence, coupling the theatric talent with athletic prowess, grasping the ins and outs of the wrestling business, and cultivating a unique and memorable persona are the ingredients in the melting pot of potential WWE stardom.

A group of WWE wrestlers training in a wrestling ring

A journey through WWE 2K22 offers more than just high-octane matchups; it is an odyssey that allows players to both witness and determine the destinies of wrestling’s greatest champions. Embracing the multi-faceted game modes like Play Mode and MyRISE, gamers can not only showcase their prowess in the squared circle but also shape their narratives, make pivotal career decisions, and ascend to the zenith of WWE stardom. Whether you’re grappling with the giants in the ring or forging alliances backstage, WWE 2K22 promises a comprehensive and engaging experience that captures the essence of the WWE universe for both the newcomer and the seasoned pro alike.

Ashley Newby

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