Guide: Acquiring a Life Staff in New World

In the expansive realm of New World, mastering the art of healing and support is crucial for any team’s success. The Life Staff emerges as a key instrument in this endeavor, offering a unique blend of healing, support, and offensive capabilities. Through a detailed exploration of its mechanics, drop locations, and crafting process, players can unlock the full potential of this powerful tool, enhancing their role in group dynamics and contributing significantly to their team’s victory. This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide to understanding, acquiring, and utilizing the Life Staff effectively.

Understanding Life Staff Mechanics

Life Staff Mechanics in New World: A Guide

In the MMO game New World, the Life Staff stands out as a powerful tool for healing and support. Mastering its core mechanics is essential for players looking to enhance their team’s survival and effectiveness in battle. Here’s a straightforward rundown of the Life Staff’s key features and how to use them effectively.

Core Components of the Life Staff

Healing and Support Skills

At its core, the Life Staff is designed for healing. Players can cast area-of-effect (AoE) spells that heal teammates or target specific allies for more potent single-target healing. Understanding when and where to deploy these healing abilities during combat can be the difference between victory and defeat.

Light and Heavy Attacks

The Life Staff isn’t just about healing. Its light attacks allow you to maintain a steady flow of damage, albeit minimal, to enemies. Meanwhile, heavy attacks, though slower, can deal more significant damage and, importantly, replenish your mana reserves, critical for casting your healing abilities.

“Sacred Ground” and “Orb of Protection”

Two significant abilities within the Life Staff’s arsenal are “Sacred Ground” and “Orb of Protection.” “Sacred Ground” casts a healing circle, granting continuous health regeneration to allies within its bounds – ideal for stationary fights. “Orb of Protection” offers a mobile solution, granting a direct heal and a protective buff to allies it hits, increasing their damage absorption.

Mana Management

Effective use of the Life Staff hinges on efficient mana management. Since all abilities consume mana, balancing your use of heavy attacks to regain mana with the casting of spells is a delicate dance. Players should monitor their mana closely, using heavy attacks when possible to sustain their ability to heal.

Utilizing the Life Staff

  • Positioning: Stay at the backlines, ensuring you have a clear view of the battlefield to cast heals and support spells where they’re most needed, all while minimizing your exposure to enemy attacks.
  • Prioritize Healing: Focus on keeping your team healed up during combat. The timing and placement of your AoE heal, “Sacred Ground,” can save your team in tight situations.
  • Balance Offense and Support: Use your light and heavy attacks against enemies when your team is at full health or in less dire circumstances to keep your mana pool healthy.
  • Communicate: Coordination with your teammates can enhance the effectiveness of your support. Letting them know when to gather for an AoE heal or when you’re low on mana can be crucial.

Mastering the Life Staff involves more than just understanding its mechanics; it’s about strategic thinking, positioning, and teamwork. Keep practicing, and soon you’ll be an indispensable part of your team’s success in New World.

An image showing the different abilities of the Life Staff in New World

Locating Life Staff Drop Locations

Finding Life Staff Drops in New World

In the expansive world of Aeternum, players seeking to enhance their support and healing capabilities should aim to acquire the Life Staff, a potent tool for any healer. To secure this invaluable item, understanding where to look is crucial.


Life Staffs frequently drop from bosses within New World’s expeditions. Notable dungeons such as the Amrine Excavation and the Garden of Genesis offer higher chances for these drops, especially when tackling these challenges at higher difficulties. Players should focus on completing these expeditions with a team to maximize their chances of acquiring a Life Staff.

Elite Zones:

Elite zones, marked by their gold borders on the map, are teeming with challenging enemies. Areas like Myrkgard or the Eternal Pool are particularly known for dropping high-quality gear, including Life Staffs. Engage in these zones with a well-coordinated group to handle the tough adversaries and increase your loot drop chances.

Named Enemies:

Throughout Aeternum, certain named enemies or bosses sporadically drop specialized items. For Life Staff enthusiasts, targeting these named enemies offers a viable path to obtaining the staff. These enemies are located in various regions and often require players to venture into challenging territories. It’s recommended to research their locations and prepare accordingly.

Trade Post:

For those seeking a more straightforward approach, the Trade Post often lists Life Staffs for sale by other players. While this method requires spending gold, it’s a reliable way to obtain a Life Staff with specific attributes or perks suited to your playstyle. Regularly check the Trade Post as inventory changes frequently based on player listings.


Players with a knack for crafting can also opt to create their own Life Staff using the Arcana skill. This method allows for customization of the Life Staff’s attributes and perks. Gather the necessary resources and schematics, and increase your Arcana skill level to craft higher-tier Life Staffs that are comparable to those found in expeditions and elite zones.

In conclusion, acquiring a Life Staff in New World demands exploration, teamwork, and sometimes, investment. Whether through braving expeditions, tackling formidable foes in elite zones, engaging named enemies, purchasing from the Trade Post, or crafting your own, the path to obtaining a Life Staff is versatile. Choose the method that best suits your playstyle and resources, and embark on your journey to become a paramount healer in New World.

Image of Life Staff Drops in New World for visually impaired

Crafting a Life Staff

Crafting a Life Staff in New World

Venturing into the mystical lands of Aeternum, the role of a healer is pivotal for survival and success. A key tool for anyone embracing this role is the Life Staff, renowned for its healing capabilities. Crafting a Life Staff not only marks a rite of passage for budding healers but also equips them with the means to make a significant impact in various group dynamics, from skirmishes to massive territorial battles. Here’s a straightforward guide to crafting your own Life Staff in the world of New World.

Materials Required

To embark on the journey of crafting a Life Staff, gather the following materials:

  • – Wood: Specifically, you’ll need to obtain green wood and aged wood. These can be collected by chopping down trees found throughout Aeternum. Starting out, use any basic logging axe to fell smaller trees for green wood. As your logging skill progresses, you’ll unlock the ability to chop down larger trees for aged wood.
  • – Iron Ore: Scour the land for iron veins, distinguishable by their dark, rocky appearance with orange streaks. Upon finding them, use a pickaxe to mine the ore. Processing the raw ore at a smelter will yield iron ingots, a crucial component for the staff’s metal parts.
  • – Life Motes: These elemental items are essential for imbuing your staff with its healing properties. Life Motes can be harvested from plants that emit a soft, green glow, found in various parts of the map. Keep an eye out for Hemp plants as well, as they often grow in proximity to these magical flora.

Crafting Process

With materials in hand, proceed to a Settlement. Within its confines, locate the Workshop – a facility designated for crafting items of versatility and power, including the Life Staff.

  1. Approach the Workshop bench. Interact with it to open the crafting interface.
  2. Within the interface, navigate to the “Arcana” crafting options. Here, you’ll find the recipe for the Life Staff among other magical items.
  3. Select the Life Staff recipe. You’ll see a list of the required materials (previously gathered) and the quantity needed for each. Confirm you have all necessary materials.
  4. Initiate the crafting process by selecting the option to craft. A brief animation will play, representing the crafting of your item.
  5. Upon completion, the Life Staff will be added to your inventory, ready to wield its healing prowess.

Crafting a Life Staff in New World not only equips a player with a valuable tool for healing but also introduces them to the fundamental crafting and resource-gathering aspects of the game, vital skills for anyone seeking to thrive in Aeternum. Whether for personal use or bolstering the capabilities of your group, a well-crafted Life Staff is a beacon of support, emblematic of the critical role healers play in the world of New World.

Illustration of crafting a Life Staff in New World, showing materials and crafting process for visually impaired individuals

Throughout your adventures in New World, the Life Staff will prove to be more than just a tool; it becomes a symbol of hope and resilience for your team. By mastering its mechanics, strategically acquiring it, and perhaps even crafting it with your own hands, you ready yourself for the challenges that lie ahead. The Life Staff’s power to heal and protect is unparalleled, and with it, you hold the key to overcoming the toughest of battles. Remember, the strength of a healer lies not just in the magic wielded, but in the wisdom to apply it where it matters most, marking the true essence of victory in the world of Aeternum.

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