Everything You Need To Know About LoL Porcelain Amumu, Kindred, Lissandra, Ezreal, and Lux Skins: Splash Art, Release Date, And Price

Since 2011, Riot Games has been showing their appreciation and celebration for Chinese New Year by releasing things like Firecracker or Lunar themed skins in League Of Legends. 

Previously, you may have noticed the release of two new skins of Lunar Beasts and Shan Hai Scrolls – but what you may not know is that there has been an announcement for the 2022 release celebrating the Year Of The Tiger. 

Everything You Need To Know About LoL Porcelain Amumu, Kindred, Lissandra, Ezreal, and Lux Skins: Splash Art, Release Date, And Price

The difference this time around though is that in addition to their usual Firecracker skins, Riot Games is also introducing a Porcelain skin which includes Amumu, Kindred, Lissandra, Ezreal, and Lux. 

However, there’s lots more to unpack here, so we’ve written this handy guide to explain everything you need to know about these new skins. 

Read on to learn more. 

What Are These Skins?

These skins are a new introduction from Riot Games to specifically celebrate the Year Of The Tiger, but will still include their usual Firecracker skins as you might expect. 

You will notice each character is receiving their own twist and lore to the Porcelain skin, all of which have a beautiful hue of blue. Let’s take a look at each of these in a little more detail. 


Ezreal inadvertently released Lissandra by his newbie antics in the world of magic. He must now team up with the protectors and try to fix a problem he accidentally made!

Ezreal is going to receive the Legendary Porcelain skin which has been designed and created by the equally legendary Jay Chou. Speaking of Jay Chou, you may notice snippets of Jay’s song “Blue and White Porcelain” in the Ezreal dance. 


Lux is the leader of the Protectors and holds the Rabbit Relic. While still trying to figure out her powers, she unwittingly is a threat to the new awakened forces of evil.

Lux is receiving her Golden Prestige Skin which is something to look out for! Essentially this has a blue hue but the recognizable golden streaks are still clearly present on her arms. 


For centuries, Lissandra has been scheming in anticipation of the day she will finally break free of her solitude. Ever since she stole the snake relic in the belief of gaining immortality from the ancient protectors, she was cast away.

However, Ezreal has now given her an opportunity to return and now is the perfect time to attack. 

Everything You Need To Know About LoL Porcelain Amumu, Kindred, Lissandra, Ezreal, and Lux Skins: Splash Art, Release Date, And Price


Amumu spent many years without any companions but eventually he was able to make friends and kinship with the protectors and the kindred.

Amumu is eternally young because of his bond with the Rat Relic and due to his eternal youth, he has lived for centuries – culminating in a very innocent personality. 

His loneliness has long been thwarted by his new found brotherly relationship with Lux – and together they can shine. 


The Kindred guide the Protectors and help to watch over the relics and power that they possess. The Kindred is a soul bonded merge of a hound and hunter, preserved within the Dog Zodiac Relic. 

They now stand guard and mentor the likes of Lux and Amumu. 

What Is The Release Date Of These Skins?

As with the Firecracker skins, the Porcelain skins will be released January 26 along with the Legends patch 12.2, so be sure you keep an eye out for that. 

What Is The Price Of These Skins?

Below you will find the list of prices of these skins:

  • Porcelain Amumu – 1350 RP (Epic)
  • Porcelain Kindred – 1350 RP (Epic)
  • Porcelain Lissandra – 1350 RP (Epic)
  • Porcelain Ezreal – 1820 RP (Legendary)
  • Porcelain Lux – 1350 RP (Epic)
  • Porcelain Lux Prestige Edition – 2000 event point

What Are These Skins For?

Primarily, the skins used in League of Legends are almost entirely cosmetic perhaps with new mechanics and redesigned animations. 

However some skins have their own lore, some of which we have explored above. Not only this, there can be a couple of skins which offer very unique add-ons to the character, such as the dance. 

Are All Skins Used On Professional Broadcasts?

No, Riot Games recognized that not all skins would actually work on broadcasts and some would look very unclear. 

Not only this but some players had their own unfair advantage by changing the champion, so they had to change it up. 

Final Thoughts 

The Porcelain skin on LoL looks like something you should definitely be keeping a close eye on. We hope this guide has helped clarify some of the rumors and answered some of your questions. 

Happy gaming!

Ashley Newby