How To Earn The Title Deadeye In Destiny 2

The iconic looter-shooter video game Destiny 2was made by Bungie, which is best known for developing the Halo series games.

You can unlock unique titles and exotic gear in this MMO RPG to personalize your profile and improve the appearance of your character. By overcoming obstacles and engaging in activities, you can also get other titles.

How To Earn The Title Deadeye In Destiny 2

Since the game is a live service title, Bungie regularly updates it with fresh material. Players really like how new Titles and Seals are added to the game with all these regular content drops.

By successfully completing particular challenges, players can obtain these different Titles and Seals. One of these new titles is Deadeye. 

In this article, we are going to discuss all the challenges you need to complete in order to achieve the Deadeye title in Destiny 2. 

How Do You Achieve The Deadeye Title?

To earn the Deadeye title in Destiny 2, you must accomplish a total of 31 challenges. Depending on how effectively you can perform these challenges each week, some of them can be finished in a single sitting.

While others can take a number of weeks to complete.

You can’t finish all of these challenges at once because some of them are time-gated. Instead, you have a deadline for finishing these tasks. With the right loadout and organized squads, obtaining this title should not be too difficult.

Requirements Needed To Achieve The Deadeye Title

The following are all the requirements you need to meet to be able to unlock this title. If you don’t hit all of these requirements, then you won’t be able to achieve Deadeye status. 

You will need to complete the following requirements:

Dark Age Arsenal

Use a Gambit firearm in each slot, to win a match of Gambit. In Destiny 2, there are a maximum of 3 weapon spaces available. For the energy, kinetic, and power slots, you must equip three gambit weapons.

You must win a match using these weapons. Thankfully, you don’t need to use these weapons for the duration of the game. Just before the Primeval dies, switch to your Gambit weapons to complete the Triumph.

Sweet Spotter

Target the weak places of your opponents to defeat them with precise weapon damage.

To get this victory, you must first annihilate the following:

  • 5 Hive Wizards,
  • 3 Vex Wyverns, 
  • 10 Fallen Captains,
  •  25 Cabal Legionaries,
  • 25 Fallen Vandals,
  •  5 Taken Hobgoblins,
  • 25 Vex Goblins,
  •  5 Scorn Ravagers,
  •  5 Cabal Incendios, 
  • 3 Hive Ogres.

Weapon Archivist

By obtaining weapons for the first time, you can unlock 200 new weapon slots in your collection. By playing the game casually and picking up weapons as you advance, you can finish this challenge quite easily.

In effect, you need 200 unique weapons, not copies of each other. Since both Legendaries and Rares contribute toward this challenge, it is much simpler than it appears.

Grab a variety of weaponry by exploring each ritual playlist. This can include Crucible, Vanguard Strikes, and Gambit. 

The world loot pool is linked to legendary engrams, so keep a watch-out for them. There are numerous weapons available in this vast pool, which you can access.

Munitions Variety Pack

500 opponents must be defeated using Kinetic final blows.

This includes 250 opponents being defeated using Energy final shot, and 100 using Power weapon final blows. Again, you must successfully complete these tasks using every weapon slot.

The very first two weapon spaces within your character’s arsenal are called Kinetic and Energy. Weapons that deal non-elemental and stasis damage are housed in Kinetic.

While those that provide solar, arc, and void damage are kept in Energy. 

Any adversary from any playlist may be the target of these kills. Don’t even think about farming the kills for this. As it should passively complete itself.

Aptitude Tasks You Need To Complete

With each type of weapon, you must accomplish some aptitude weapon challenges. These are all the aptitude tests you must pass:

Scout Rifle Aptitude

Beat a thousand enemies with Scout Rifles. You should concentrate on eliminating several cosmodrome based foes because scout rifles can be difficult to operate.

Use them in long range events like seasonal events, Shattered Realm, and dungeons.

Bow Aptitude

Use bows to defeat 1,000 opponents. The best weapon for this victory is a bow, despite the fact that you have to reload it after each arrow you fire. With the correct perks, you may easily one-shot opponents.

Auto Rifle Aptitude

Use auto rifles to defeat a thousand enemies. You can finish this challenge using any automatic weapon. You will receive progression points for completing the mini ten-part challenges once you have killed 100 enemies. 

Consider employing auto rifles in the Thrall hallway of the Shattered Throne or the Altars of Sorrow to dispatch weaker red bar enemies.

Fusion Rifle Aptitude

Take down 500 enemies with the Fusion Rifle. Fusion guns are the perfect weapon for this victory because they work exceptionally well against large groups of adversaries. Vex Mythoclast may finish this task in a flash if you own it.

Hand Cannon Aptitude

Take down 1000 enemies using hand cannons. The best hand cannon for this victory is Fatebringer. However, as long as it’s effective, or you like utilizing a particular weapon, you can utilize any hand cannon. 

The most common weapon archetype in Destiny 2 is the hand cannon, which is incredibly forgiving and efficient at all ranges.

Grenade Launcher Aptitude

Grenade Launchers must be used to eliminate 500 enemies. Grenade launchers are excellent for dealing enormous amounts of damage over a wide area and within reasonable range.

For this achievement, heavy and special grenade launchers need to be used.

Pulse Rifle Aptitude

Kill 1000 enemies using Pulse Rifles. To complete this challenge, you should utilize your best Pulse rifle. Pulse Rifles are ideal for almost any activity because they excel at hurting opponents at medium ranges. 

Most red bar foes can be taken down in one or two bursts. Use The Messenger, No Time to Explain, and Cold Denial as examples.

Sidearm Aptitude

Beat 1000 enemies using sidearms. You can complete this challenge using any sidearm. However, we advise using the strongest one you have access to or searching for a decent sidearm before completing this victory. 

In PvE, practically any sidearm will work, however the majority of players favor burst-fire frames.

Machine Gun Aptitude

Take out 500 enemies using machine guns. Machine guns are incredible killing machines during any PvE scenario. This is thanks to upgrades like ammunition drums.

Submachine Gun Aptitude

Take down a thousand enemies with submachine guns. The best weapons for aptitude tests are submachine guns. When you have a magazine upgrade for your submachine gun, killing a lot of foes with a single reload is simple.

Sniper Rifle Aptitude

Take out 500 enemies with the sniper rifle. Sniper rifles are similar to bows because they are slow when compared to other weapons. Yet they are still capable of taking out a target with one shot.

Sword Aptitude

Use swords to thwart 300 foes. Due to the great damage and excellent ammo efficiency of swords, you shouldn’t have too much trouble with this challenge.

Linear Fusion Rifle Aptitude

Use Linear Fusion Rifles to eliminate 500 enemies. For taking down solitary targets, a Linear Fusion Rifle is a practical choice. However, it does struggle to hold its own against the masses of enemies.

Use this type of rifle on lower level creatures instead.

Rocket Launcher Aptitude

Take down 500 enemies using rocket launchers. Grenade launchers and rocket launchers function similarly and have a good range for dealing out a lot of damage.

Mastery Weapon Tasks You Need To Complete

With each type of weapon, you must accomplish some mastery weapon challenges. The mastery tasks you must achieve are listed below:

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Scout Rifle Mastery

Win the Crucible by eliminating 100 Guardians. Earn the “Field Scout” medal using any Scout Rifle. Also, by using a Scout Rifle at a distance, take out five opponents in a single match.

Shotgun Mastery

Win the Crucible by eliminating 100 Guardians. Earn the “Close Encounters” medal using any shotgun. You also need to use a shotgun to take down two rivals at short range without changing weapons or reloading.

Auto Rifle Mastery

Win the Crucible by eliminating 100 Guardians. You can obtain the “Assault Specialist” medal using any auto rifle. Then, using an auto rifle, defeat seven opponents in a single match as an assault specialist.

Hand Cannon Mastery

Get rid of 100 Guardians.  The “Hawkeye” medal can be obtained by making 25 accurate last shots using any Hand Cannon Rifle of your choice in the Crucible.

Also, with precise Hand Cannon finishing blows, eliminate two opponents in a single match.

Grenade Launcher Mastery

Win the Crucible by removing 100 Guardians. You can obtain the “Calculated Trajectory” medal with any Grenade Launcher. Furthermore, defeat three opponents using Grenade Launcher finishing blows in a single life. 

The challenge claims that you require direct impact kills, although you don’t. In-game, the “Calculated Trajectory” medal is what is referred to as the “Direct Hit” medal.

Sidearm Mastery

The medal “One for Each of You” may be obtained by defeating 100 Guardians inside the Crucible using a sidearm. 

Within five seconds of delivering a final shot with any other weapon, deliver one with a sidearm.  To do this, you need to use your sidearm along with a Fusion Rifle or Shotgun. Rush in, score a special kill, then immediately score a Sidearm kill.

Pulse Rifle Mastery

Win the Crucible by eliminating 100 Guardians. Earn the “Lethal Cadence” medal using any Pulse Rifle. Additionally, you will need to use a Pulse Rifle to take down seven opponents in a single battle.

Submachine Gun Mastery

Win the Crucible by eliminating 100 Guardians. Earn the “Sub Machinist” medal with any submachine gun. You also need to make final Submachine Gun shots, to take down two opponents in a single life.

Sniper Rifle Mastery

Win the Crucible by eliminating 100 Guardians. Get 25 pinpoint kills using any sniper rifle to receive the “Mission Control” medal.

Additionally, you are asked to use a long-range, accurate Sniper Rifle, to eliminate two opponents without changing weapons or reloading.

Trace Rifle Mastery

Use any trace rifle to beat 100 Guardians inside the Crucible. It would be recommended to use your greatest slot weapon for this victory. Since Crucible is a PvP event.

Bow Mastery

Win the Crucible by eliminating 100 Guardians. Get the medal “My Boyfriend’s Back” by landing 25 long-range, precise finishing blows with any bow. In addition to that, complete three precise finishing blows with a bow in a single match as well.

Fusion Rifle Mastery

Win the Crucible by defeating 100 Guardians. To receive the “Cold Fusion” medal, you must execute 25 precise last shots with any Fusion Rifle. Also, use the Fusion Rifle’s finishing blows to take down two opponents in a single life.


As you can see, there are a lot of tasks and achievements to complete in order to obtain the Deadeye title. We hope this article has been helpful in letting you know everything you need to do in order to achieve this title in Destiny 2. 

Ashley Newby