How To Speed Flip In Rocket League

When you play Rocket League, you need to learn multiple movements to get the most out of the game.

You also need to weigh up a wide range of elements within the game, such as the speed of the Battle-Cars, defending your goal against your opponent, passing the ball properly to your teammates, and the best moves to score as many goals as possible.

How To Speed Flip In Rocket League

To stand the best chance of winning, you will need to perform different movements. One move that helps set up a goal is the Speed Flip.

This has become a hugely important skill in Rocket League (see also ‘How To Air Dribble In Rocket League‘) and, if you want to be up there with the very best Rocket League players, you will need to start speed flipping.

By performing a speed flip, you can gain enough momentum and speed to push the ball further distances. This boost will help keep your car’s nose acting as the main contact point for the ball at all times. 

But, the question remains – how do you do a speed flip in Rocket League (see also ‘How Do Rocket League Ranks Work?‘)? We’re here to show you!

In today’s blog, we will be guiding you through the process of how to perform a speed flip effectively in Rocket League (see also ‘How To Get Better At Rocket League?‘), so you can whiz past your opponents and score in style.

But, before you learn how to speed flip, you need to know how to flip cancel. So, let’s start with this mechanic first.

How To Flip Cancel

To understand how to do a speed flip, you will first need to learn how to perform a flip cancel. This is when you do a front flip, but the animation is canceled. Without the flip cancel, the speed flip is just not possible.

A flip cancel is executed so you can maintain the car’s nose in a forward facing direction. 

Here’s how to perform a flip cancel:

  1. Do a single jump with your left stick pushed downward at a 6 o clock angle. This will make the car face upwards slightly.
  2. Perform your second jump with your left stick facing upwards at a 12 o clock angle. This will start the front flip.
  3. Now, pull the left stick down to 6 o’clock immediately after the front flip has begun, and hold this position.

If you time this move correctly, the animation of the front flip will be canceled. Your car should then stop rotating and then point downwards. However, the height of the car in step one will determine if this is possible.

If your sensitivity settings are set to low, your car may barrel roll or start to turn over. If this happens, you can execute an air roll. This will finish the roll and help you recover, so your car’s wheels are now pointing downward. 

This may take some practice, but you’ll get the hang of a flip cancel soon enough. Once you have honed your skills and can do a flip cancel easily, it’s time to try a speed flip. 

So, as soon as you have completed a flip cancel and your car falls to the ground, move your analog stick to either the left or right. Doing this will allow your car to move in various directions whilst still moving forward.

This is down to the additional boost your car now has. Then, pull your analog stick, so your car ends up on the ground. You can eventually push the ball to your intended target – the opposition’s goal. 

How To Speed Flip In Rocket League

How To Speed Flip

So, you have completed multiple flip cancels with ease. Now, it’s time for the big speed flip maneuver.

For a successful speed flip, you can adjust your input directions of the flip cancel a little, and then combine this with an air roll assisted side flip, which will go left. You can then copy the actions of the left stick to the right to do a successful right side speed lip. 

Here’s how to do a speed flip:

  1. Perform a single jump.
  2. Now, do a second jump by pointing your left stick upward at an 11 o’clock angle. This will start a left front flip in a diagonal direction.
  3. Cancel your flip animation immediately by pointing your left stick down at 7 o’clock. Simultaneously, hold an air roll.
  4. Keep holding down the left stick to the left while you continue your air roll. Doing this will help your car move through its final part of the entire rotation. 

How To Perfect A Speed Flip

You can perform a few other moves to perfect your speed flip. These will make it smoother to perform in certain situations.

Many players begin their speed flips with power slides. A power slide, though, can see your car lose its grip on the surface. Also, a forward left flip will not move your car to the side very much.

Moreover, you can move your vehicle by power siding in a diagonal direction, opposite to the direction of your speed flip.

Therefore, if the car pushes sideways, it will be traveling forwards diagonally. The boost will help push the car back onto line and to the middle.

To perform a left-sided speed flip, you will need to power slide to the right. This will offset the car’s direction:

  1. Hold your power slide and push your left stick up to a 1 o’clock angle.
  2. When you make a slight left turn, execute a regular left side speed flip.

To test your speed flip, you can use Musty’s Rocket League speed flip training pack. This will help you find out how fast you can approach the ball. If you’re too slow, it will disappear.

In Summary

A speed flip has become an essential trick in Rocket League. Learn how to execute this correctly, and your opponents will be flabbergasted by your new-found skill!

Ashley Newby