List Of All FaZe Clan Members, Ranked Best To Worst

FaZe Clan started in 2010 and this group became a hit on YouTube for their Call Of Duty videos that they posted.

Founded by Apex, Rain, Banks and Temperrr, this clan started on YouTube, but then they moved over to the esports world.

List Of All FaZe Clan Members, Ranked Best To Worst

They began to compete against other teams in Call Of Duty: Ghosts and Advanced Warfare. Yet recently they have been competing in CS:GO. 

There have been various members in the FaZe clan. In this article, we will be discussing all the FaZe Clan and ranking them from best to worst. 

1. FaZe Rug

FaZe Rug is really known as Brian Rafat Awadi. He is one of the co-owners of the FaZe clan. Who is known for producing gaming videos, pranks, challenges and vlogs on YouTube.

Alongside this, he has the most subscribers in the whole FaZe clan on YouTube. With around 21 million subscribers. 

2. FaZe Adapt

Alexander Hamilton always goes by the name FaZe Adapt. He is loved for his popular Call Of Duty Videos. In addition, you can find pranks, reactions and vlogs on his YouTube channel.

He is one of the directors of the FaZe Clan, while Laos FaZe Adapt also has a Twitch channel that he regularly streams from. However, he has recently become a regular at getting banned on the site (see also ‘Why Counter-Strike Pro Nikhil ‘Forsaken’ Kumawat Was Banned‘).

3. Cizzorz

For a while, a lot of people weren’t sure what had happened to Cizzorz, but he is still part of the FaZe clan. He has been quiet recently, but Cizzorz is very well known for his gameplay series.

Where he created playthroughs and montages on a large variety of games. One of the most popular being Call of Duty: Black Ops. 

4. FaZe Apex

FaZe Apex has always done well to keep his real identity a secret from the public and his fans. Apex is the co-owner and co-founder of the FaZe clan.

He has managed to collect over 4.3 million YouTube subscribers, with billions of views across all his social media. On his YouTube, Apex creates commentary, montages and game-plays on various games. 

5. FaZe Teeqo

Faze Teeqo is also known as Jakob Swarden, is the Swedish director in the FaZe clan. Teeqo was part of the clan for a while, but he was suspended due to his involvement in the SaveTheKids crypto scandal.

However, his suspension ended in 2021, and he is back in the clan. 

6. Mongraal 

Kyle Jackson aka Mongraal is a British Fortnite streamer who played for the competitive esport FaZe clan team.

Mongraal only joined FaZe clan in 2019 and has become one of the most talked about esports players on Twitter in 2021.

He has 4.5 million subscribers on Youtube, and over 5 million followers on Twitch. Mongraal’s main success has come from playing competitive Fortnite and is one of the best players in Europe.

Yet at the end of 2021, Mongraal revealed that he was going to stop playing Fortnite competitively and now just plays it for fun with his friends.

7. FaZe Temperrr

FaZe Temperrr is another co-owner of the FaZe Clan. His real identity is Thomas Oliveira, who sometimes goes by the name iiTeMpeR. He is also known for streaming on Twitch and his videos on YouTuber.

8. FaZe Banks

Richard Benston also goes by the name of FaZe Banks. He is one of the co-owners and founders of the FaZe clan. In addition, he has recently put more time and effort into writing songs, composing and producing music.

In 2019, Banks started to struggle to get views for his videos. Hence, he started to focus more on building up the FaZe clan and thus, at the time of writing, he doesn’t have any plans to return to YouTube himself. 

9. Jarvis

Jarnis Khattri was part of the FaZe clan for almost 3 years, and left in January 2022. He is known for his challenges, vlogs and gaming videos on his YouTube channel, These videos often feature his older brother Frazier.

Yet, Jarvis has had some controversy during his time in FaZe clan, from being banned (see also ‘Why Clash Royale Pro Jimit Bhatt Was Banned‘) from Fortnite due to aimbotting players and being part of the SaveTheKids Crypto scam. 

Just like FaZe Teeqo, Jarvis was suspended for his involvement in the scam. 

10. H1ghsk1

H1ghsk1 is one of the newer members of the FaZe clan and is one of the youngest members, being only 11 years old when he joined.

His true identity is Patrick Bragaru who is an American and Romanian Twitch streamer, YouTube, and competitive Esports gamer. He is known for being the youngest competitive Fortnite player. 

H1ghSk1 has been part of controversy while at FaZe clan, the first one being that it was claimed he was underage when he signed up to the clan.

In addition, he has been banned from other social media, again due to being underage and lying about his age. It is known that Patrick admitted that he lied about his age, as he didn’t want to wait a couple more years to join.

Therefore, because he admitted to the lies, Patrick will be released from his contract with FaZe and he and his parents will have to deal with the legal consequences of this lie. 

Other Members

There are over 86 members that are part of the FaZe clan team. Other notable members include: 

Blaze, Rain, Jev, Zoomaa, Flea, Kaysan, Replays, Nikan, Blaze, Ewok, Sway, Pamji, Tense, Testy, Tennpo. Swagg, Mew, Virus, Hazz, Ki, Nio, and Kalei. 


The FaZe clan are constantly adding and losing people. In this article, we have given you a list of all the top FaZe clan members, listed from best to worst.

The ones on this list are the members that you will have heard of more. As we said, there are around 86 members in the total FaZe clan.

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