Ninja Net Worth

Ninja is a well known internet-personality and online gamer with a pretty loyal following. He makes videos focused on his gaming experiences, which have been viewed over 13 million times.

Ninja Net Worth

Ninja is the most famous gamer in the world. He was once a pro Halo player, but now streams Fortnite. He is the most popular streamer on Twitch, and he has made millions of dollars from streaming games like Fortnite.

He’s also one of the best cosplayers out there. There are many photos of him dressed as characters from video games including Overwatch, Starcraft 2, World of Warcraft, and more.

What Is Ninja’s Real Name? 

Ninja’s real name is Tyler Blevins. He grew up in Michigan and started playing video games at an early age. His first game console was the Nintendo 64. He played sports such as basketball, football, baseball, soccer, and hockey when growing up.

In high school, he became interested in computers and technology. He created websites about video games and technology, and even started selling T-shirts that featured his designs. At this time, he also began to play Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.


Ninja was born in 1992, and he started playing video games in 2009. He plays Halo, H1Z1, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), Fortnite, and other games. He streams on Twitch.

He joined Luminosity Gaming in 2017, and he plays Halo, PUBG, and Fortnite. He also has a solo career as a rapper. He was ranked 2 in the world by Gamepedia in July 2018.

In 2018, Tyler made millions playing video games. He partnered with Red Bull Esports to host an esports tournament called “Rise Till Dawn”. This led him to become a celebrity in the gaming world. He also got a new skin in Fortnite at the same time.

In 2019, he promoted another game called Apex Legends (see also ‘When Did Apex Legends Come Out?‘). He started streaming exclusively on Mixer. After Mixer closed down, he started streaming on his YouTube channel and making over 500k per month.

How Much Does A Ninja Earn? 

Ninja is the most popular streamer on the planet. He earns more than $500,000 per month from his Twitch subscriptions alone.

He has previously revealed that he could earn up to $1 million per month from his Mixer subscription.He made a huge move by switching from Twitch to Mixer.

Ninja is making money by streaming games on Twitch. He also has a YouTube channel with over 20 million subscribers. This is generating him about $6 million per year.

Ninja makes millions by being sponsored by many companies. He sells books about gaming, and has an official line of merchandise. He doesn’t disclose how much money he gets from sponsorships, but it’s probably in the millions.

What Is Ninja’s Net Worth?

According to, Ninja’s estimated net worth is around $20 million. The website claims that Ninja earned $10 million in 2018. He has made over $30 million since 2015.

His popularity has helped him build a brand for himself. He has several lines of clothing, and some of them sell well. In addition, he has a book called Rise Till Dawn. It tells stories about his life and gaming.

His popularity has increased his income significantly. He has been able to make a lot of money through streaming and sponsorship deals.

What Games Does Ninja Play? 

Ninja plays a wide variety of games. He plays games like Halo, PUBG and Fortnite. However, he spends most of his time playing Fortnite.

He plays Fortnite every day, sometimes multiple times a day. He also plays games like Overwatch, League of Legends, CSGO, and DOTA2.

He also plays a number of different types of games. He plays first-person shooters like Halo and Call of Duty. He also plays third-person shooters like Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Battlefield 4, and Overwatch.

He also plays action games like Gears of War, and Assassin’s Creed. He even plays fighting games like Street Fighter V.

When Did Ninja Start Streaming?

Ninja started streaming in 2009. He played Halo 3, and he played Halo Reach after that. He didn’t play any other games until 2010 when he started playing Halo 2 online.

His favorite game is Halo 2. He plays Halo 2 all the time. He also plays Halo 3 and Halo Reach occasionally.

He became famous because of his streams on Xbox Live. He was one of the top players on Xbox Live. He had a large following on Xbox Live.

In 2012, he moved away from Xbox Live. He said that Microsoft wasn’t supporting him anymore. He created his own platform called Mixer. He then began streaming there.

Where Does Ninja Live? 

Ninja lives in Los Angeles, California. He owns a house in Beverly Hills, which costs him over $5 million. He bought this house in 2016. He also owns another home in Malibu, which cost him $3 million.

Is Ninja On Twitch?

Yes, he is currently streaming on Twitch. He has over 15 million followers on Twitch. He has been streaming for over 10 years now. He has been streaming regularly since 2013.

How Old Is Ninja?

Ninja was born in 1991, making him 30 years old. He is still young compared to other streamers.

Who Are Some Of Ninja’s Friends?

Some of Ninja’s friends are celebrities. He is friends with gamers such as Markiplier, PewDiePie and Tyler1. He is also friends with actors such as Jacksepticeye and Joe Rogan. 

What Are Ninja’s Game Settings?

Twitch Streamers are usually known for their chat settings. However, Ninja uses a different setting. He uses the option where you can mute people who aren’t talking.

You can see what people say if they’re muted, but they won’t be able to hear you.

He also allows people to talk during his streams. He lets them do so while he plays the game.

Final Thoughts

Ninja is an incredibly popular streamer. He is one of the best at Fortnite. He has made millions of dollars off of his streaming career. He has become very wealthy. He has built up a huge social media presence.

His YouTube channel alone has over 20 million subscribers. He has more than 100 million views on his Twitch channel. He has many fans around the world.

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