The Best Borderlands 2 Classes For Each Type Of Player (Ranking)

Borderlands 2 offers an enormous open world for players to fight their way through, defeating crazy enemies, getting loot, and discovering over 17,000 different weapon variations.

However, a player’s success in the game can depend a great deal on what character class they pick at the start.

The Best Borderlands 2 Classes For Each Type Of Player (Ranking)

When you begin the game, you get to choose from a range of different characters and classes, each with their own specific playstyles and abilities.

It’s important that a player picks the class that’s going to be right for their own skills and playstyle, otherwise they might find the game a lot harder than it needs to be. 

But which class is best for what type of player? What do the Borderlands 2 classes offer?

We’ve got all the answers! Our useful guide below will tell you all about the best Borderlands 2 classes for each type of player, ranking them on their abilities and what style of play they’re going to suit best.

If you’re struggling to pick a class for the game, this is the article for you!

What Is Borderlands 2?

Borderlands 2 is the second entry in the massively popular series of “looter shooters”, where gamers make their way through its enormous open world fighting varied enemies and looting items and weapons from everywhere they go.

The game is a first-person shooter with an incredibly unique art style – it’s cell-shaded, which means it looks like a fully-moving cartoon that you’re playing!

Although there have been two big Borderlands games since, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and Borderlands 3, the second entry in the franchise is still incredibly popular among gamers today. 

Part of this popularity is because of the wealth of DLC and extra quests and items that have been added to the game since launch, as well as its re-release onto more modern games consoles as part of The Handsome Collection. 

Even though it originally came out in 2012, its gameplay and design is still fantastically fresh, making it a must-play game to this day. However, gamers are going to know what character classes they’ll want to pick for their own skills and play-style, which is exactly what we’re going to tell you below.

The Best Borderlands 2 Classes For Each Type Of Player (Ranking)

In our list below, we’re going to look at the 6 different character classes available for players to pick from in Borderlands 2, detailing each of their abilities and the type of gamer play-style that they’re going to work best for.

There are only 4 character classes in the base game of Borderlands 2, but DLC added 2 more classes for players to choose from.

As a result, you may not have all of these classes available if you only have the original base game, but if you’ve bought the DLC or have a special re-release with all the extra content included then you’ll have access to them.

Number 6: Maya – The Siren

Who Is It Best For? Players supporting their squad

We’re starting our list off with Maya, who is the Siren class in the game. Although she’s technically last on our ranking, she is by no means a bad character, it’s just that her abilities are going to work best for a specific style of play that many players might not find useful.

The Siren is a class that is built around supporting other players, which means that this is a character best played if you’re playing with a squad of friends.

Borderlands is fantastic as a co-op game, with split screen and online co-op available, but a lot of people will probably just play the game on their own. As a result, they won’t need a lot of The Siren’s supporting abilities. 


With that being said, gamers who choose to play Maya will enjoy her key ability: Phaselock. This is her action skill and it’s a very useful tool in battle, because it locks an enemy into a different dimension for a short while, which stops that enemy from fighting back. 

In its base form, this doesn’t damage the enemy, though skills can give it the ability to harm enemies too. For example, Converge pulls nearby enemies to the orb and hits them with a small level of damage, while Helios sees a large burst of fire damage enemies outside and inside the orb.

On the negative side, though, Phaselock can’t be performed on certain enemies, instead just giving them a bit of damage. On top of this, the base cooldown of the ability is 13 seconds, which is decent but can be frustrating during battle.

However, the Quicken skill can reduce the cooldown time.

Number 5: Krieg – The Psycho

Who Is It Best For? Players wanting big, wild damage and play

Next on our list is Krieg, a Psycho class which is available in Borderlands 2 as DLC. He’s a wild, chaotic character who can deal a lot of damage with his special melee mode.

With that being said, playing melee isn’t the ideal style for a lot of players, and it can be particularly difficult to get up close to some enemies without getting swamped or killed.


The key ability for The Psycho in Borderlands 2 is a special melee attack, with the character entering a bloody rage mode and swapping his guns for a 2-handed Buzz Axe.

This Axe is capable of an astounding amount of damage, dealing out 500% melee damage. Better yet, a melee kill with this Axe will heal Krieg to full health.

It’s a great mix of attack and self-healing that makes The Psycho a powerful character to play. He also has exciting skills to reach, such as Fire Fiend, where his melee attacks will have the possibility of igniting enemies, while also increasing his weapon accuracy.

Krieg is also heavier than other characters, which helps prevent him from getting knocked-back as much.

With all this being said, melee is not going to be everyone’s style of play, and The Psycho only works best for players who want to get up close with enemies.

However, getting up close has its own challenges, making this a character that will only work best for some gamers.

Number 4: Axton – The Commando

Who Is It Best For? New players

The Commando character in Borderlands 2 is a fantastic all-round character for players to pick, and probably the best choice for new players to cut their teeth with. He’s a useful entry point that will allow players a great way into the game, letting them improve their skill.


The key ability that Axton has is his deployable Sabre Turret, which can really help out during heated combat. This turret has full 360 degree rotation, allowing it to pick off enemies from all angles, and its duration is just 20 seconds.

This can be increased to 44 seconds if you level up the Sentry skill and have the right mods. Unfortunately, the cooldown is 42 seconds, which is a sizable cooldown. 

It’s really easy to deploy, which is useful, with the player lobbing it like a grenade and it activates on any solid surface. 

Axton is also a great choice in loads of other aspects, too, with his various skill trees upgrading certain aspects of fighting. For example, the Guerilla tree enhances general combat skills, while the Survival tree improves his defensive capabilities.

Number 3: Gaige – The Mechromancer

Who Is It Best For? Players looking to take down bosses more easily

Gaige is the other one of the character classes that were added to Borderlands 2 as DLC. She’s a great pick for players who want a great deal of AI support on the battlefield, thanks to her powerful deployable Deathtrap ability.

This makes her a particularly great pick for solo players who won’t have the support of co-op partners in battle. 


The big reason for playing as Gaige in Borderlands 2 is the aforementioned Deathtrap ability.

What is it? Well, it’s a powerful battle robot that can be deployed in battle to help out the player, and the robot can be upgraded in various different ways to make it even more effective and damaging against enemies.

The main attack from Deathtrap is a single melee hit which can be done every 1.5 seconds, while far-off enemies are attacked by the robot with the firing of an accurate electric bolt.

To give the melee attack context, Deathtrap lasts for a full 60 seconds, allowing plenty of time for it to damage your foes. However, its base cooldown is then also 60 seconds, which can be frustrating. 

Importantly, some of Gaige’s skills can be used to improve Deathtrap even further. For example, Sharing Is Caring can allow Gaige to give Deathtrap a Maylay Shield bonus.

Meanwhile, the Explosive Clap skill gives the robot an explosive attack that deals damage to a certain area of effect, and the Robot Rampage allows the robot to dish out a flurry of melee swipes.

If a player is playing on their own, rather than with a squad of friends, then the Mechromancer’s Deathtrap robot is incredibly helpful in assisting you on the battlefield.

This also makes it a really useful class for dealing with bosses, which can be difficult when you’re a solo player.

Number 2: Zer0 – The Assassin

Who Is It Best For? Experienced players

If you take one look at Zer0, the Assassin character that Borderlands 2 players can pick to use, you know this character is pretty much as cool as they come. A sleek suit and stylish mask, plus a sword in one hand and a gun in the other? Awesome! 

However, this character is going to be best for experienced Borderlands 2 players, because of his later abilities being some of his strongest. On top of that, he can be complicated to get to grips with. 


The Action Skill for Zer0 is Decepti0n, which is great for a stealthy approach that allows you to get the advantage on enemies. With this ability, your character becomes cloaked and invisible for 6 seconds, letting you sneak around and unleash surprise attacks.

However, not only does it turn you invisible, but it also deploys a holographic decoy which attracts the attention and fire of your enemies. 

As for the surprise attack you can unleash when invisible, it has a great damage bonus to really hurt your enemies. As you would guess, though, attacking when using Decepti0n will immediately end the cloaking. Thankfully, though, it only has a 15 second cooldown. 

A downside of playing the Assassin, though, is that he has slightly less health than other classes. This could be a challenge for newer players, which is why we recommend this character for experienced players. 

Number 1: Salvator – The Gunzerker

Who Is It Best For? All players!

Taking the number one spot on our list is the Gunzerker class, which we think is the best overall class for Borderlands 2, thanks to its great abilities and accessibility to players of all skill levels.


For a start, the Gunzerker is unique in his ability to use two guns at once, which is Action Skill. Known as Gunzerking, players can wield two guns at the same time for 20 seconds (though this duration can be increased to 35 seconds). 

As you would guess, more weapons means more damage, although this ability has other benefits too. Firstly, it instantly refills half of Salvator’s health, meaning that it’s an especially useful skill to unleash when your character is close to death.

On top of that, there is also health regeneration during its use. 

Additionally, the ability also gives the player  a +50% damage reduction during its use, as well as ammo regeneration.

The Gunzerker also has various skill trees to upgrade, which make him better. For example, the Gun Lust skill tree improves the stats of your weapons, as well as giving you certain abilities. The Brawn tree, meanwhile, helps to improve your physical toughness.

Players have also found a great combination that involves Gunzerking, pairing it with the Grog Nozzle gun. When doing this, players can enjoy healing that is equivalent to 65% of all the damage that they deal with it.

On top of that, the combination also has a high chance of slagging the enemies, which coats the foes and gives them increased damage from all sources that are non-slag.

Final Thoughts

Each of the 6 classes in Borderlands 2 have their benefits and abilities, but Gunzerker is admittedly the best all-rounder character to pick!

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