The Best Builds For Your Warlock In Destiny 2 PvP And PvE

Ever since it first launched in 2017, Destiny 2 has been an incredibly popular online shooter/MMORPG game that has totally taken the world by storm.

The Best Builds For Your Warlock In Destiny 2 PvP And PvE

Part of the meteoric rise of the game is a result of the customizability afforded to players, allowing them to not only customize the appearance of their character but also allowing them to customize their armor and equipment, allowing them to prepare themselves for specific battles and raids.

However, because there is such a massive range of options when it comes to equipment, cosmetics, and armor in Destiny 2, it can be quite difficult to decide which equipment to focus on when preparing for certain encounters.

We can guarantee that you are reading this because you play as a Warlock, and you’re looking to find out some of the very best equipment to grab in order to prepare yourself for PvP and PvE modes.

If so, you should definitely read on down below, because we are going to take a look at the best Warlock builds for both PvP and PvE in Destiny 2

What Are The Best Builds For A Warlock In Destiny 2?

First off, it is important to mention what makes the Warlock class special in Destiny 2, as this will help you to better understand what you should focus on when it comes to choosing the right builds when preparing for PvE or PvP modes.

The Warlock class is best for any players that want to focus on damage. Warlocks are incredibly adaptable, and can easily survive in just about any combat scenario thanks to their improved speed, paired with increased damage output.

Warlocks are also great for providing support to other team members in-game.

Warlocks are great in combat scenarios not only for having great damage output and speed, but also thanks to how many support abilities they have that can help to pull a team together and move them toward victory.

As such, you will want builds that help to emphasize these strong qualities. Let’s find out what to add to your build!

What Is The Best Build For A Warlock In Destiny 2 PvP?

Currently, the best subclass of Warlock in Destiny 2 is the Stormcaller Arc Warlock. This subclass of Warlock is renowned for having incredible electric-based attacks that are able to attack large groups of multiple enemies! 

Stormcaller Arc Warlocks are also able to easily travel around the map, providing support to their teams thanks to their glide ability. 

The Stormcaller Warlock, true to its name, is also able to call upon an awesome Super that is able to easily wipe out an enemy team by calling upon a storm to smash enemy teams to pieces.

This Super is well worth equipping, as it can easily turn the tides of the battle for your team if used as part of a successful flank. 

If you wish to further supplement this Super ability, we also strongly recommend using the Stormcaller Arc Warlock’s Storm Grenade.

This is an incredible ability that can be thrown out and causes a storm of lightning to rain down upon an area.

If you can catch an enemy team off guard with this ability, it will inflict jolt damage to everyone in the area of effect, making it easier for the rest of the team to focus on eliminations!

In terms of weapons, we strongly recommend equipping a Warlock with a shotgun type weapon, as this weapon type is great for up-close combat, and for doing massive damage to your enemies in quick bursts.

This type of weapon, paired with electric abilities that slow down your opponents, is totally perfect, as you will be able to jump into combat and pick off enemies alongside your team.

We also recommend pairing a shotgun-style weapon with abilities that prioritize movement, such as balanced glide.

These types of abilities will allow you to easily jump into combat with your shotgun to catch the enemy off guard, but also allow you to jump out of combat when the heat gets to be too much!

With regards to armor, we recommend equipping your Warlock with the Crown of Tempests.

The Crown Of Tempests armor is excellent because it offers additional energy, which you can then use to power your abilities much more often.

The best thing about this armor buff is that it also applies to teammates nearby, which is great if you like to focus on support.

You should also try to equip the Getaway Artist exotic armor.

This armor not only helps to speed you up every time you use up a grenade, but also gives you a damage resistance buff, allowing you to escape tough situations to regroup with your teammates.

What Is The Best Build For A Warlock In Destiny 2 PvE?

If you are playing a PvE mode in Destiny 2, we recommend that you opt for the Voidwalker Warlock type.

What Is The Best Build For A Warlock In Destiny 2 PvE?

The reason for this is that they can make use of different grenades that can easily turn the tide of battle in an instant, helping your team to clutch victory. 

The Voidwalker Warlock is also great because it is equipped with a double-jump ability, and it can glide, which makes it perfect for keeping an eye on the team and providing support from above, but also for escaping tough combat scenarios. 

When using the Voidwalker Warlock, we recommend equipping them with the Nova bomb super, which is incredibly effective against enemy hordes.

This ability works by sending a strong concentrated blast of energy toward the enemy, which causes immense damage to anyone caught up inside of it. 

We also recommend equipping the Scatter Grenade to a Voidwalker Warlock. This weapon is incredibly useful because when it explodes it releases smaller mines that spread out over a large radius.

This is useful for doing large amounts of damage to a single enemy, and also helps to protect your team from becoming overwhelmed by a horde of enemies approaching from a certain direction.

You will also want to equip weapons and abilities that are energy-based, as these allow you to steal away energy from the enemy, which you can then use to heal yourself and the rest of your team, allowing you all to fight much longer. 

When it comes to armor, luckily, you can use whatever your favorite builds are, as you will mostly be focused on equipping weapons that have life-stealing capabilities that allow you to sap the energy of the enemy.

To this end, we recommend equipping the Contraverse Hold gauntlets. These gauntlets will allow your grenades to recharge at a much faster rate, and also increase their power.

This can make Voidwalker Warlocks incredibly powerful in PvE encounters!

To Wrap Up

There you have it! Those are just a few of the very best ways in which you should focus on equipping your Warlocks for both PvP and PvE modes.

It is very important to not only choose the right subclass of warlock in these modes but also to make sure that you have the right equipment, to make your odds of victory even greater, so we hope that this guide has proven useful for you!

Ashley Newby