What Does Meta Mean In Gaming?

Are you someone who really wants to start gaming but also wants to know a bit of information about the jargon that may be used within the game first?

What Does Meta Mean In Gaming

This particular piece will be focusing on the term meta and what that means in the world of gaming. In the world of gaming there are many terms that already exist in society, but have a completely different meaning.

Therefore, it is important to learn some of the terms before you start playing so you have an idea of what is going on and what other gamers mean if you are playing live games (see also ‘What Does MS Mean In Gaming?‘). 

This specific example of meta links to strategy of the game with others and more will be explained here.

Whether you are someone who just likes to watch the game or whether you’d like to play, this could be important for your knowledge of the game play (see also ‘What Does FF Mean in Gaming?‘).  

Meanings That Are Used Today

Meta is something used so that the teams and whoever you are playing with all agree on the strongest strategy at that moment.

This can also refer to the strongest champions at that time but it can also change if they are challenged and defeated then the phrase ‘meta’ switches from one to another depending on the game flow. 

It refers to all different areas of play and which one would be the strongest. For example, it is all about the playstyle and what tactics need to be used to become successful in the game.

Also, the most preferred style of gaming which gives an advantage in comparison to others. Therefore, meta-gaming is all about choosing the best strategy for the game regarding the loadout, class and style.

However, it is not always the most enjoyable way to play a game just because it is the most strategic. 

It used to be the most effective and not the most fun because it’s an effective way to win.

Win Rates And Recent Patches 

Win Rates And Recent Patches 

Due to this all revolving around the most effective game play, when meta gaming, you will want to look at the most effective way to to win by looking at the win rates and recent patches.

This also means picking the strongest parts of games from the win rates and recent patches. 

The play of ‘meta’ is also regularly referred to as the ‘normal’ way of playing and how some people think it is the only way or the best way to play.

It is also very common in gaming to get different types of players who think that if you do not play this particular way in line with their meta-gaming, then you are inferior to them and the way they play. 


It all comes down to figuring out how people play and use this to your advantage. It is all about knowledge in the game and depending on how much you know about the play and to optimize that information.

The main aim is to find out the best way to beat them by using the best tactics that work for you and this is before you are even playing the game. 

Meta gaming also links thinking about ‘what if this happens’ and being probable about the game when things might happen that make it more difficult.

It can also revolve around mind games of winning which has always been a tactic since day one but it depends on whether you can master this skill.

Watching A Game?

This term can also be thrown around quite a bit when it comes to people who aren’t actually playing the game but are watching them online live.

These types of people will be hardcore fans like enjoy to watch the game unfold and know everything that is going on.

Therefore, if they start dropping this is during conversation, here’s what they could be referring to: 

  • A meta-gamer: a gamers who plays the meta strategy of every game to make sure there is an effective win. If there are also players who follow this game and play because it will maximize their chances of winning. They are also meta gamers. 
  • Breaking the ‘meta’: nothing ever stays the same in life and all things can be broken including the meta at the time of the game. This could be due to something overpowering the game play which causes it to essentially break. 

This usually happens when the player and the character is weakened within the game or the weapon being used. Another part of this that links to meta is that it will always change and evolve into something else.

For example, if the current meta was broken, a new meta would arise and the players would try and learn the new tactics to take over the new meta. Very back and forth. 


Overall, there is a lot of information about different parts of gaming that you might need to know in order to be successful in the live games that you can either play in teams or against one another.

In terms of knowing these particular terms before you start playing, it is important to be knowledgeable about the game before you start playing and not knowing that there is a lot to learn. 

As we all know, practise makes perfect so there is also that factor of just taking the time to learn and plan before games, learn the tactics and get to know the meta at the time whether you want to follow that.

Effectively winning and putting yourself at an advantage or overpowering the meta and making it evolve into something new.

If you are looking for more information about terms and game play and where to start if you are beginners there is heaps of it from gamers themselves and also the fans who watch, enjoy and learn on a daily basis. 

Ashley Newby