What Does “WP” Mean In Gaming?

When playing video games online, people tend to use a whole wealth of different acronyms and shorthand phrases to communicate using the chat function in any given game. 

What Does “WP” Mean In Gaming

It can be hard to keep up with all the new phrases and abbreviations, or if you’re new to a game it can be difficult to understand what anyone’s talking about.

The good news is that you don’t have to guess what all this means because we’re here to tell you.  Read on to understand what it means when someone says “WP” in an online video game (see also ‘What Does MS Mean In Gaming?‘).

We’ll also look at some examples of the use of WP, to make it crystal clear for you. Let’s get right into it!

What Does WP Stand For?

In the context of gaming, the letters “WP” stand for the phrase “well played”.  This expression is used when you want to congratulate someone, usually on the other team. 

It is a courteous way to thank someone for a positive and challenging match in whatever game you’re playing. 

Whether it be a ricing game, sports game, or first-person shooter, you’re likely to see this abbreviation being used all over the gaming world.

If your team is doing well in a game, you can also use this shorthand phrase to compliment the abilities and performance of your teammates. 

More typically, however, this phrase is used to commend your opponents, particularly if they provided a good challenge in the game.

Sometimes you may see this shorthand being combined with “GG” to create “GGWP”, which means “good game, well played”.  

Sometimes you may see the abbreviation “WP” proceeded by a hashtag (“#WP”).  You may see this on social media platforms too. 

In a social media context, this is usually used to congratulate a person for some achievement in their lives.

Examples of the Use of “WP”

In an online video game, you may see “WP” being used like this:

  • Player 1: That was a good match, WP
  • Player 2: Thanks, you too!
  • Here’s a similar example: 
  • Player 1: Wow, great move! WP
  • Player 2: Thanks, buddy
  • You may see the use of “WP” on social media.  Here is an example of that:
  • User1: “Just found out I’ve got a promotion at work!”
  • User2: “@User1 wow, that’s great! #WP”
  • Here’s another example of the use of “WP” on social media platforms:
  • User1: “Congrats @User2 on graduating! WP!”
  • User2: “Thank you!” 
  • The abbreviation “WP” is also used by some people over text messages.  This could look something like this:
  • Jack: “I’ve made the reservation at the restaurant for 8 o’clock tonight.”
  • Jill: “That’s fantastic. WP!” 
  • Or this:
  • Jill: “WP for cleaning the apartment”
  • Jack: “Thanks.  Had to be done!” 

Alternative Meanings of “WP” 

Alternative Meanings of “WP” 

The abbreviation “WP” can have a few different meanings, depending on the context in which the phrase is used. Here are some other possible meanings of “WP”, along with some examples to put each meaning into context. 


Also in a gaming context, “WP” could stand for “waypoint”. This is typically a blip on the map where you are supposed to travel towards.  “WP” may also be used to refer to the word waypoint on navigation or GPS apps.  


  • Gamer1: “Head towards the WP on the map”
  • Gamer2: “Copy that”
  • User1: “What is your location?”
  • User2: “Sending you the WP on the navigation app now”

Wrong Person

“WP” may also refer to the phrase “wrong person”.  This is typically used in text messages, oftentimes when a message is sent to the wrong person in error.  This is usually accompanied by some sort of apology for the mistake.


  • Jim: “Hi Tony, I’m ready to pick you up”
  • Pam: “You must have the wrong number, this is Pam”
  • Jim: “Oops! Sorry, WP”
  • John: “Your dry cleaning is ready for collection, Mister Jones”
  • Mary: “This is Mrs Smith”
  • John: “My apologies – WP”


“WP” may be a reference to the content management system, WordPress, which was introduced in 2003.  People can use WordPress to build their own websites or blog. This meaning for “WP” is typically used in web design circles. 


  • Client: “How is the WP site coming along?”
  • Web Designer: “We’re on track to launch new content by the deadline.”

Why Do People Use “WP”?

The most common use of the abbreviation “WP” is in the context of online video games to commend a player for their performance within a game.

This type of abbreviation is an initialism abbreviation for the common phrase “well played”.  The shorthand version of this phrase, “WP”, is used as it is a quick and succinct way to say “well played” to someone.  

You won’t typically hear the use of “WP” spoken aloud, as it is typically a text-only abbreviation.  It is used because it is more efficient to type it this way, rather than type the out the full phrase “well played” in the middle of a game. 

People use the abbreviation WP in video games as a show of respect and good sportsmanship. 

Commending the performance of your opponent in a video game is good practice as it shows an appreciation for a good challenge and a good gaming experience.

Online video games are typically known for the rampant trolling, badmouthing, and terrible abuse.  Phrases like “WP”, on the other hand, go against this toxic trend and bring some positivity to the world of online gaming.


In a community with many slang phrases, abbreviations, and “inside” jokes, “WP” in the context of gaming is a positive and uplifting message.  This is the most common and widely used meaning of the abbreviation “WP”. 

We hope that we have clarified some of the possible meanings for “WP”, why it is said, and how it is commonly used today.  

“WP” in the context of gaming spreads a positive message of comradery, good sportsmanship, and respect.  Use “WP” next time you go online to play! 

Ashley Newby