What Is DPS In Gaming?

Gaming is one of the most popular, and, in our opinion, the best ways to escape the trivialities of real life and escape into another world for a while.

What Is DPS In Gaming?

When playing a game you love, you can forget about the world around you and become engrossed in your new realm.

The rush that comes with completing new levels and unlocking items along a game’s journey is like nothing else.

But, the more you play games, the more terms and acronyms will appear.

When a new game comes out, you may need to come to terms with, well, the new terms the game has.

From new weapons to new abilities, and new characters, to new controls, there are some things you need to learn quickly to play the game to the best of your ability.

Some of the terms that crop up may be alien to you, especially if you’re new to the world of gaming. 

If you’ve been playing games for only a little while, you’ll have noticed new terms and acronyms appearing consistently.

When playing certain video games, such as first-person shooters, you will undoubtedly have encountered the acronym “DPS.”

The fact you’re here means you’re wondering what this means! Well, we will shed light on this mystery in today’s post.

If you’re in the rush, here’s the lowdown on what “DPS” means. This acronym is very useful when trying to beat your opponents in a game.

It is an optimal term implemented by gamers to improve their strategies in shooter games, like Call of Duty and RPGs, such as Diablo.

Read on to find out more about the meaning of “DPS” and why it’s important in certain video game genres.

DPS Meaning 

DPS simply stands for “Damage Per Second.” This acronym is typically used in multiplayer games to describe different weapon and character types.

It also refers to the amount of damage these weapons and characters are capable of making.

By studying these stats, gamers can find out and decide on the most effective methods to succeed at a level and complete a campaign. 

DPS doesn’t only display how much damage a character or weapon can muster, but it is also a combination of the number of attacks a weapon or character can perform per second.

Moreover, it allows gamers to see how much damage these attacks per second can do.

From here, the gamer can weigh up which weapon and character is best in a particular scenario of a game, instead of going in blind and “hoping for the best.”

Here’s an example – if one character’s single punch is able to deplete the Health Points (HP) of another character by five, then they can punch five times per second.

Therefore, the character’s overall damage rating will be -20 HP. If the character is capable of hitting numerous enemies in one go, then its DPS will be even better.

When playing games, such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, you’ll want to know how fast you can fire your weapons and if it’s the optimal choice for high-intensity combat situations. The lower the DPS is, the slower the bullets will travel. 

Having a faster DPS can be very beneficial in battles, especially when using close-range submachine guns, as their bullets tend to spray at a much faster speed than LMG (Light Machine Gun).

One drawback of a faster DPS, though, is that the weapon may be less accurate due to a heavier amount of recoil on the gun.

All of these factors need to be considered in just a few seconds when in the heat of a Call of Duty battle! 

This information is available to see via the stats associated with each character or weapon.

For instance, if you’re playing Call of Duty – Vanguard, you simply press R2 (PlayStation) or RT (Xbox) to look at how many damage points each weapon possesses.

Here, you will also be able to see other stats, like recoil control and vehicle damage.

What Is DPS In Gaming?

Although the origin of DPS being used in games is somewhat unclear, it is beloved that it was first used in Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOs), such as World of Warcraft.

Over time, the term was adopted by other video games and is now commonly used in almost every shooting game. 

DPS In RPG Games

DPS is also used in RPGs (Role Playing Games), such as Path of Exile and Diablo. In these games, DPS also applies to weapons where the user can check their weapon’s effect attack.

An example that causes an increase in the DPS would be the ability to poison an opponent. This is because it can drain the enemy’s vitality and health. 

In a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG), the DPS depends on what class you decide on using and the weapons you are equipped with.

When it comes to support class characters and healers, their DPS will not be as great when compared to a character in a warrior or fighter class. 

DPS Characters

DPS characters have one main objective – to cause as much damage as possible.

So, if your character is used primarily for defense or offense, they are a DPS character. 

You also need to consider the amount of energy and stamina a character used during an attack.

This can have a huge impact on how many hits a character can achieve.

Sometimes, it depends on how accurate you are with your character’s attacks. They may have the highest DPS in a game, but that doesn’t matter if you can’t land a punch!

It’s essential that a gamer is as accurate as they can be when attacking with their game’s character.

This way, they can get the most out of their DPS. If you’re struggling in this area, most games have tutorials where you can hone your skills before entering the battlefield. 

In Summary

DPS stands for Damage Per Second and is very important in various types of games, especially multiplying online games involving weapons and combat.

Understand your character’s and weapon’s DPS, and you will become the master of your game in no time.

Ashley Newby